Original Army Jerrycans Repurposed As Bar and Bathroom Cabinets

jerrycan bar and bath cabinets

Original British Army Jerrycans from World War II turned into functional wall mounted bar and bathroom / medicine cabinets.

Jerrycan Bar and Bathroom Cabinets

upcycling jerrycans

vintage black jerrycan as bar cabinet
vintage black jerrycan as bar cabinet

The  flat fuel can was invented by Germans during World War II. It was used to carry supplies to troops and had a different color according to its purpose. Red for gas, yellow for diesel and blue for water. The British army found out about it and renamed it Jerry Can after the nickname “Jerries” given to German troops.

These are original British Army Jerrycans which have been repurposed and handcrafted in Copenhagen, Denmark. Each one is unique and maintains its original markings and color. No two cans are alike and yours will be a unique specimen.

The old Jerry Can is sliced open and adapted. The old paint and rust are removed by burning the cans in an oven for 24 hours. It then gets sandblasted, given a wear-resistant coat of powder finishing then put back together. Inside mirrors and bent wood shelving are added.

jerrycan furniture

The assembly of one can takes 2-3 hours and is performed with great amount of care, precision and meticulousness. Each is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Vintage Copper jerrycan as bathroom cabinet
Vintage Copper jerrycan as bathroom cabinet

Red Jerrycan (closed):

medicine cabinets from old jerrycans

Red Jerrycan As Bar Cabinet:
Jerrycan turned into bar cabinet

Red Jerrycan As Bathroom Cabinet:

medicine cabinet from jerrycan

You can choose between 7 different colors: Gas Red (shown above) or Nano Black, Army Green, Moscow White, Missile Grey, Gold or Copper (shown below).

Lead time is 2 to 3 weeks. And they have free worldwide shipping.

UPDATE: Sadly Urban Military company Hobo Society no longer exists but now there are other companies who upcycle old Jerrycans.

Available at Hobo Society
all images and information courtesy of Hobo Society

Not the only company to turn the Jerry Can into something useful, this German company has repurposed them as luggage and storage cases.