Never Thought Of Snails As Pretty Until I Saw These.

Snail photos by Katarzyna Załużna

The Snail photos by Katarzyna Załużna may actually make you think twice about stepping on the little slimy creatures. The nature photographer shoots pictures of snails in Poland. Her style and lighting makes these terrestrial pulmonate gastropod molluscs take on the charm and beauty of a woodland creature. Read more

Angular Made Awesome: Krakow’s Edge House by Mobius Architecture.

Edge House by Mobius Architecture

The angular Edge House in Krakow is a contemporary 9,150 square foot urban home designed to sit within the rocky terrain, where the local law requires traditional form. All houses in this location must have pitched roofs with eaves and 37-degree slopes. Read more

The Underwater Photography by Rafal Makiela For Marmorin

Rafal Makiela for Marmorin. See more at if it's hip, it's here.

Sensual and surreal, the underwater photography by Rafal Makiela of Poland is full of grace and beauty. His brand new 2014 advertising campaign for Marmorin bath products caught my eye and I simply had to share that with you, along with some of his other underwater work. Read more

A Home Whose Driveway Is Functional Indoor Space: The Autofamily House.

autofamily home hero IIHIH

Robert Konieczny of KWK Promes, the architecture firm behind The Safe House, a wild fortress-like house with moving walls, continues to integrate unique thinking into their designs. Read more