When Slutty Halloween Costumes Jump The… Well, You Know.

slutty shark costumes

Each year I marvel at how Halloween and Cosplay costume manufacturers can find a way to turn any icon, animal or character into a slut with some form-fitting fabrics and a few revealing nips and tucks. By now we’ve accepted Vampires, Pirate Wenches, Nurses and Black Cats as part of the sexy Halloween vernacular. But this year, they’ve gone too far.

While last year’s Halloween was all about the Creepy Clown, this year it appears to be about a trend I certainly didn’t see coming… Slutty Sharks.

Slutty Shark Costumes

Slutty Shark Costumes is one Halloween Trend we didn’t see coming.

When it comes to funny, friendly and cuddly shark costumes, there’s no shortage for adults, women or children. Even pets. There’s the lovable Left Shark from Katy Perry’s Superbowl performance, Man-eating Shark Costumes,  Shark kigurumi and onesies,  Sharknado novelties,  Latex Shark masks,  Shark Hats,  even attachable Shark Fins of all sizes.

Non-slutty shark costumes like onesies, Left Shark and Sharknado are available for every member of the family.
There are even cute shark costumes for dogs.

But SEXY sharks? While real sharks cutting through the water could be described as sexy, the idea of making turning the prehistoric creature into a tight metallic dress or fitted catsuit seems as though the concept of slutty halloween costumes has jumped the shark, if you’ll pardon the pun.

However, if you’re chumming for a hook-up, here’s what’s available:

Starline Shark Attack Costume Dress
A silver metallic mini dress (5% Polyester/5% Elastane) with fins and tooth-trimmed hood and collar.

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Mystery House Women’s Shark Bite Dress
A one shoulder fitted dress with inset bloody bite

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Womens Sassy Shark Costume
Form-fitting velour catsuit with dorsal fin above the bum and shark mouth hood

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Leg Avenue Women’s Cozy Shark
100% polyester, hooded, zippered cozy fitted dress with fins, teeth and eyes.

$27.39 – $56.67
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Rasta Imposta Women’s Shark Dress Costume
An above the knee, hooded, sleeveless, 100% polyester shark dress costume

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Sexy Deadly Shark Catsuit Womens Costume
100% Acrylic, Includes Shark Catsuit, Velcro Back Fin and Gloves

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Less slutty but still a fish out of water is Tipsy Elves “cute” Shark Costume Dress for Halloween – A Shark Onesie for Women.

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Forum Novelties Women’s Hoodie Shark Costume
Pull-on polyester zip-front hooded shark costume features shark tail sticking out of the back and attached hood with face opening lined by sharp pointed teeth

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Oh, and don’t forget the dog!