Alex Hyner Photo Series Will Resonate With Insomniacs

Alex Hyner Photo Series

As an enormous fan of movies and television, it’s no wonder this Alex Hyner photo series caught my eye. Spotted on his Instagram feed, these ten photos of old little televisions, their screens glowing in the dark with still images of well-known movies and TV shows, makes me want to make popcorn and settle in. Read more

You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Shopping Basket. New JAWS Collectibles Have Arrived.

For many of us, the 1975 movie JAWS by Steven Spielberg was life-altering. And it continues to fascinate movie makers and movie goers alike. FunKo has just released a series new JAWS Pop! Vinyls, a new book on the movie’s production design by Joe Alves has just been published and more are now available for fans of the Great White named Bruce. Read more

When Slutty Halloween Costumes Jump The… Well, You Know.

Each year I marvel at how Halloween and Cosplay costume manufacturers can find a way to turn any icon, animal or character into a slut with some form-fitting fabrics and a few revealing nips and tucks. By now we’ve accepted Vampires, Pirate Wenches, Nurses and Black Cats as part of the sexy Halloween vernacular. But this year, they’ve gone too far. Read more

Francis Ford Coppola’s Three New Limited Edition Wines for Film Lovers

francis ford coppola new director's great movie wines

The collection of Director’s wines were created to honor Francis Ford Coppola’s two great loves: wine and film. The Northern California winery has added to the Director’s family with a new line-up of three limited-edition wines inspired by directors and movies that Francis holds in greatest admiration; King Kong, The Wizard of Oz and JAWS. Read more