When Jackie Kennedy Dressed As a Black Ghost For Halloween

Jean Kennedy Smith, Steve Smith, Jr., Caroline Kennedy, and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy pose in Halloween costumes with President John F. Kennedy at the White House, 1962

It was while doing research for yesterday’s post about White House Halloween decorations throughout history that I came upon what has got to be the strangest Halloween costume ever worn by a First Lady. Make that the strangest Halloween costume ever worn by any inhabitant of the White House. Read more

When Slutty Halloween Costumes Jump The… Well, You Know.

Each year I marvel at how Halloween and Cosplay costume manufacturers can find a way to turn any icon, animal or character into a slut with some form-fitting fabrics and a few revealing nips and tucks. By now we’ve accepted Vampires, Pirate Wenches, Nurses and Black Cats as part of the sexy Halloween vernacular. But this year, they’ve gone too far. Read more

Move Over Zombies, This Halloween It’s All About The Clown.

Zombies had their day in the sun, now it’s time to send in the Clowns. Despite having a reputation as being creepy for decades now, there’s been a resurgence and emergence of some of the scariest and most frightening clowns ever in pop culture over the past few years. And now they’ve been turned those into some of the best and most impressive killer clown costumes for Halloween. Read more