HRTND Scarves, Shawls and Cloaks

A newly launched line of premium unisex accessories, HRTND (Heartened) was born from a custom piece initially made by Jeff Anderson, someone whose corporate and creative roots blend music, video, production, artistry and design. Needing a unique birthday gift for a friend, he quickly drew up a sketch of a cool textile and when he was held to his promise, he created more than a gift- he created a brand.

HRTND Scarves Shawls and Cloaks

The idea was to make something original and unique, and it quickly evolved into a boutique line. HRTND is a unique line of scarfs, shawls and cloaks, built upon the pillars of art, design and fabric.

The scarves, shawls and cloaks are made from Jeff’s own photographs and art with the exception of prints Swamp and Horse, which were taken from the beautiful photographs of Phillip Graybill, both shown below.

Photographer Phillip Graybill’s above image was used for the Swamp print
Beauty by Phillip Graybill used for the Horse print

The scarves and shawls are made of a wool/cashmere blend (85/15) and measure 20″ x 70″ and 70″ x 43″, respectively. The cloaks are made of a poly/viscose blend (80/20) and measure 55″ x 138″.

Raising funds through a kickstarter campaign, HRTND is offering their accessories in six prints; Color Bar, Swamp, Garbage, DNA, Lower East Side and Horse; four available as scarves, two as shawls and two as cloaks.


Regularly priced at $198, you’ll save $40 on the wool cashmere blended scarves by purchasing the Color Bar, Swamp, Lower East Side or Garbage print them through kickstarter for a pledge of $158.

Color Bar:


Lower East Side:



Least expensive are the Cloaks because they are made of a poly/viscose blend. Regularly priced at $135, they are available in either the Color Bar or Garbage print for a pledge of $105.


The wool and cashmere blended shawls, regularly priced at $325 are available in the Horse and DNA prints only for a pledge of only $260

Other combinations of the accessories are also available, see all the offers here.

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