Whatshisname Comes Out With A Pooping Balloon Dog

artist what's his name pooping balloon dog

The anonymous UK artist who goes by the moniker of Whatshisname has done it again. After bringing us the Good Puppy (a pooping Chihuahua lamp) and Good Boy (a pooping Great Dane floor lamp), he has a new version.

Pooping Balloon Dog


The POPek is a pooping dog like his predecessors, but – in an unmistakable nod toward artist Jeff Koons – it’s a balloon dog!

The defecating balloon animal is available in three sizes, the largest of which is 3D printed in fiberglass. The other two sizes are cast in polyurethane resin, painted red (or black as in the case of the smallest size) and sprayed with a glossy lacquer.

small Popeks straight from the mold

Before the balloon dogs are finished, painted and lacquered, they go through a lengthy process of filing, priming and filing and priming to make sure they are smooth.

Time lapse video of grinding and smoothing POPek:

POPek Red Super large (120 cm tall)

POPek the limited edition squatting balloon dog stands proudly contrary to what is usual, while breaking common conventions of modern design. This unique larger-than-life (at 4 feet tall) artwork made entirely of fiberglass has a rich glossy finish making it eye catching and impossible to miss.

Lead time: 3 months.
Price (subject to change): £20,000.00, buy it here

POPek RED (50 cm tall)

POPek RED 50 cm tall limited to 50 editions worldwide.
It is made of polyurethane resin painted red and sprayed with glossy lacquer.
Size: H 50cm x W: 52 cm x D: 26 cm
Lead time: approximately two months
Price: £2,500.00 (subject to change) buy it here

POPeK Red Small (12 cm)

POPek Red Small 12 cm tall pooping balloon dog statue.
Available in 200 editions of 2017 worldwide.
Size: W:13cm, H:12 cm, D: 7 cm
Price: £110.00, Buy it here

POPek Black Small (12 cm) tall

Available in 100 editions of 2017 worldwide.
Size: W:13cm, H:12 cm, D: 7 cm
Price: £110.00, Buy it here

all images and information courtesy of the artist

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