All The Artist Designed Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons To Date

artist designed thanksgiving dayt parade balloons

The Blue Sky Gallery is a special balloon portion of the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which invites contemporary artists to transform their original creations into novelty balloons. Read more

Incredible Artist Easter Eggs Created To Help Kids and Elephants

The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt was a creative charity initiative which initially launched in London in 2012, then again in Dublin, Ireland in 2013 and finally in 2014, took place in New York. Hundreds of giant fiberglass egg sculptures, each designed by globally renowned artists, designers, architects and brands were placed throughout each of the cities during the Easter period. Each Faberge Big Egg Hunt event culminated in a grand auction where many of the giant egg sculptures were sold with proceeds going to various charities*. Read more

Whatshisname Comes Out With A Pooping Balloon Dog

The anonymous UK artist who goes by the moniker of Whatshisname has done it again. After bringing us the Good Puppy (a pooping Chihuahua lamp) and Good Boy (a pooping Great Dane floor lamp), he has a new version. Read more

Jeff Koons X Google Live Nexus Cases

One of the world’s greatest contemporary artists, Jeff Koons, has partnered with Google to offer three different limited edition designs for the Nexus Live Case line. Read more

Can’t Pay 20k For Jeff Koons and Dom Pérignon’s Balloon Venus? Get The Limited Gift Box Versions Instead.

Jeff Koons and Dom Pérignon

The news broke last June that artist Jeff Koons and Dom Pérignon collaborated on a limited number (650 worldwide) of manually assembled and hand polished champagne holders inspired by Koons’ Balloon Venus. Read more

Jeff Koons’ Cover For Lady Gaga’s Album ARTPOP Is Unveiled Via Social Media & Outdoor.

Jeff Koons' Cover For Lady Gaga's Album
above: close up of Koons sculpture of Lady Gaga that graces the cover of her fourth album release, ARTPOP.

Available November 11, ARTPOP is Gaga’s fourth studio album with an album cover by legendary artist Jeff Koons. “Having Jeff create something for ARTPOP was a dream come true, and a very emotional experience. He has given me the greatest gift and we are excited to be sharing it with you,” said Lady Gaga. Read more

Jeff Koons and Lisa Perry Collaborate: A Limited Collection of Artful Fashion.

jeff koons and lisa perry collaborate

Fashion and lifestyle brand Lisa Perry and contemporary artist Jeff Koons have released a collaborative collection of fashions that incorporate some of Koons’ most well known artworks with Lisa Perry’s style. The limited edition collection presently consists of three fabulous dresses, a jacket and a set of bangle bracelets. Read more

For New Year’s Eve, The Party Hat In Art. 40 Festive Examples.

Party Hats in Art

With New Year’s Eve tonight and a new year of birthdays coming up, I was inspired by the notion of ‘Party Hats’ and wanted to see what was out there in terms of fine art that incorporated the classic pointed hat. I was not disappointed and I hope you won’t be either. Read more