Defecating Dogs Brighten Up A Room. Pooping Dog Lamps By Whatshisname.

Pooping Dog Lamps

Pooping dog lamps? You heard me correctly. The Good Puppy Table Lamp and the Good Boy Floor Lamp are designed by a Polish born artist who now lives and works in London and goes by the obscure moniker What’s His Name.

Pooping Dog Lamps

The two pooping dog lamps, a Chihuahua and a Great Dane, are about as sophisticated looking as canines taking a crap can be. Both have On/Off switches shaped as dog turds that needs to be pressed, or in case of Good Boy lamp, stepped on.

Good Boy:
pooping dog lamps

Good Puppy:

Both lamps were supposed to be part of London’s the Art Below exhibition on London Underground stations. Even though organizers accepted the work, unfortunately London Underground banned it for being offensive.

He now creates them as made to order pieces in limited numbers.

Creating the lamp takes about one month.

making the pooping dog lamp

Good Puppy is available in limited editions of 200 worldwide.

PRICES (subject to change):
Good Puppy Lamp £1100 ($1711.33 USD) in Black and now in Red -tax and shipping not included
Good Boy Lamp £2600 ($4044.95 USD) in Black only – tax and shipping not included
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