Easter Peeps of Willendorf are Hilarious. And edible.

Easter Peeps of Willendorf

We’ve written more about Peeps, the sugar-coated colored marshmallow treats, than anyone probably should. Yet each time Easter rolls around, we find another Peep-related item we simply can’t ignore. This time, it’s the brilliant and hilarious Peeps of Willendorf from creative collective MSCHF.

MSCHF Peeps of Willendorf

mschf peeps of willendorf set 2

Three packaged sets of Peeps, one of each in the most traditional colors (purple, yellow, and pink) are made of the same sugary and similar chemical coloring as the real chick and bunny-shaped treats from Just Born, Inc. that saturate the supermarket shelves this time of year. Only these are shaped like the famous archeological artifact, Venus of Willendorf.

Venus of Willendorf , 28000-25000 BC
Venus of Willendorf , 28000-25000 BC, image, ©Smithsonian institution

When you write about art as long as we have, you’re bound to come across several contemporary pieces inspired by famous historical and artistic icons. This is the fourth fun item to reference the ancient fertility Goddess about which we’ve written.

MSCHF easter peeps

Having previously shared with you Scott Eaton’s Venus of Cupertino Docking Station, Jeff Koons’ Balloon Venus champagne holder and boxes for Dom Perignon, and Reddish Design Studio’s beautiful balloon sculptures, it’s clear that the robustly shaped fertility goddess continues to inspire.

Peeps shaped like the Venus of Willendorf
Shaped just like the Venus of Willendorf, these Peeps are edible.

Produced by MSCHF, 2022
Comes with 3 packaged sets: purple, yellow, and pink
Cardboard housing with plastic wrap
Ingredients: glucose syrup, sugar, corn starch, dextrose, water, gelatin, citric acid, dl-malic acid, sodium citrate, food flavors, food colors (FDC & RED 40, FDC & YELLOW 5, FDC & YELLOW 6, FDC & BLUE 1)

$75 for the set of three, Buy them here

Limit of 3 complete sets per person/household. Individual sets are available for in-store purchase at Perrotin New York.

Not the first time Peeps have been made as art. I own the Dunny Peeps shown below.

set of non-edible Dunny Peeps created by an artist
My own set of non-edible Dunny Peeps created by an artist many years ago.