Beautiful Balloon Sculptures Are Homage To Archeology

venus of jaffa

Reddish design studios has created a series of balloon sculptures whose rotund shapes are unmistakably a reference to the historical artifact known as Venus of Willendorf.

Archeology-Inspired Balloon Sculptures

venus of jaffa and venus of willendorf
Top: Reddish Studios, Venus of Jaffa (detail); Bottom: Venus of Willendorf figurine seen from all four sides; Bjørn Christian Tørrissen, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One of the most important archeological finds from the Upper Paleolithic era was Venus of Willendorf, a 4.75″ tall artifact found on an archeological excavation in Austria in 1908. The little statue has been conclusively found to date between 25,000 and 30,000 BC following an analysis of the rock layers in 1990.

Venus of Willendorf 28000-25000 BC
Venus of Willendorf, 28000-25000 BC, image ©Smithsonian institution

Crudely carved from oolitic limestone tinted with red ochre pigment, the featureless sculpture is believed to be a fertility goddess, representing the ideal women of the period. The exaggerated sexual characteristics- ample breasts, hips and thighs – are associated with being able to carry and nurture offspring successfully and are believed to depict the concept of a healthy, fertile female.

copper wire frames
The copper wire frames, image: Reddish Studio

Replacing the city “Willendorf” with “Jaffa”, a city in Israel which is also the location of Reddish Studios, frames are crafted of copper wire into which balloons in neutral shades are inflated.

Inserting and inflating the balloon into the wire frame, image: Reddish Studio
Inserting and inflating the balloon into the wire frame, image: Reddish Studio

The result is an art installation commissioned as part of an exhibition at Jerusalem Design Week, Go for Broke, which focuses on findings and inventions; objects and their stories, situated in the dialogue between archeology and design.

Venus of Jaffa balloon sculptures art installation
image: Jerusalem Design Week
reddish venus of jaffa balloon art
image; Reddish Studio
archeology-inspired balloon sculptures
Venus of Jaffa (detail) image: Reddish Studio

Year: 2022
Production: Limited edition
Material: Copper, Latex balloon
Commission: Jerusalem Design Week 2022 –
Go for Broke exhibition
Curator: Shahar Kedem

Reddish Studio is design duo Naama Steinbock and Idan Friedman

Reddish Studio