Venus of Cupertino iPad Docking Station by Scott Eaton.

venus of cupertino ipad docking station

Scott Eaton’s Venus of Cupertino is a sculptural way to charge or store your iPad inspired by the curvaceous forms and symbolism of ancient Venus figurines such as the Venus of Willendorf. She is a fertility goddess for the technology age.

Scott Eaton’s Venus of Cupertino

scott eaton docking station

The Silicon valley version of Venus of Willendrof, each of Scott Eaton’s ipad docking station is hand-cast in museum-quality resin and available in a gloss white or matte white finish. She is a fully functional iPad docking station. Her hands gently guide any second or third generation iPad onto a charger inconspicuously located in her midriff.

A USB cable emerges from a number of points under the sculpture and fits any standard USB port or Apple power adapter for syncing or charging. The charging cable and connector are fully changeable in order to future-proof the docking station against updates to Apple’s iPad connectors.

The glossy version:
scott eaton venus of Cupertino

Available in white, but at the London Design Shown, she appeared in various colors:
venus of cupertino docking station

2022 Update: The artist is no longer making these.
$230.84 USD, buy it here.

Scott Eaton