Pechkeks Mean Spirited Travel Mugs

Pechkeks mean-spirited travel mugs

I first introduced you to Germany-based Pechkecks Misfortune Cookies and their wonderful, dark packaging almost 2 years ago now. Since that time, they have added some more fun and well-designed products to their line up.

Pechkeks Mean Spirited Travel Mugs

In addition to some Anti Greeting Cards, they’ve added a collection of five ribbed matte black and porcelain travel tumblers that throw shade. Keeping with their look designed for the Misfortune Cookies, the sarcastic cups are printed with the same illustrated-like font and little quirky icons. The tumblers also feature the brand’s black cat logo on the opposite side.

Pechkeks has a dark sense of humor to go with their dark cookies

Do Everyone A Favour and Go Back to Bed.:

Today Just Isn’t Your Day. Unfortunately Neither Is Tomorrow.:

You Bring Others Happiness… When You Leave.:

You Have A Face Only A Mother Could Love:

You Suck. Really.:

Each porcelain and rubber tumbler features the brand’s Cat logo on one side and on the bottom:

Each travel mug costs $18.46 / €17.50 (prices subject to change)

Also worth mentioning are their Snot Rags (Black tissues) and their Combination hair comb and bottle opener which are damn funny, too:

All of these as well as their Misfortune Cookies are available through their online shop. Shipping costs for various countries can be found here