Best Picture Nominees As Coffee Art by Michael Breach

In anticipation of The Oscars, Coffee Artist of the stars Michael Breach, has created this year’s Best Picture nominees in coffee. Read more

Dumb Starbucks Opens In Los Angeles, Making A Latte Fun Of The Original [UPDATED]

Yes, it’s true. A faux Starbucks coffee shop named Dumb Starbucks opened in the hipster hood of Los Feliz yesterday to long lines of curious coffee-craving crowds. Read more

It’s True. Grumpy Cat Branded Bottled Flavored Coffees, Grumppuccinos, Hit The Market.

Grumpy Cat Grumppuccinos

Everyone’s favorite foul-faced feline, Grumpy Cat, made famous via social media, is capitalizing on her popularity. Grumpy Cat Grumppuccinos are premium coffee drinks that combines quality, quirkiness, and humor, is coming to the Ready-To-Drink coffee market. Read more

Starbuck’s First Tazo Tea Store and The Cade Martin Photos To Promote It

Starbucks opened up their first Tazo Tea store in Seattle on November 16th of 2012. The Seattle Times reports “Tazo’s 1,700-square-foot store in University Village is a shabby chic collection of grays and greens, with an off-white chandelier at its center and clear jars of teas on its shelves.” Read more

Nespresso Commissions Coffee Cup Stain Portrait of Lucio Dalla in Milan.

I first introduced you to the beautiful and talented Hong “Red” Yi with her unusual portrait of Chinese film director Zhang Yimou created with 750 pair of socks. Most recently she was commissioned by the Milan Nespresso Boutique to create a portrait of the late Italian singer Lucio Dalla out of coffee cup ring stains. Read more