Monkey Wigs from Nikoline Liv Andersen’s The Dance of the Deaf and Dumb Eye

Woolen wigs by Nikoline Liv Andersen make references to the three wise monkeys in ‘The Dance of the Deaf and Dumb Eye’ exhibited at MINDCRAFT, which showcases some of Denmark’s most talented craftspeople and designers.

Monkey Wigs from Nikoline Liv Andersen

With inspiration from the classic Japanese monkeys, which have been interpreted in the West as a naive attempt to shut out the outside world by refusing to see, hear or speak, these clothing sculptures contain visual references to the French court under Louis XVI, during whose reign excessive abundance and poor communication between nobility and citizenry led to the French Revolution. With this in mind, the monkey trinity is drawn into a contemporary rococo, where globalization is skewed by imbalanced capitalism, dangerous balances of power and a stubborn struggle between religion and freedom of speech. The monkeys become narrative symbols of today’s blind consumers and the historical Marie Antoinette.

Nikoline created both the wigs and the amazing fashions:

Nikoline working on the wigs for the exhibit:
Nikoline Liv Andersen making her wigs IIHIH

About Nikoline Liv Andersen B. 1979, fashion designer
Nikoline Liv Andersen works in the border zone between art, craft and design with an emphasis on quality craftsmanship. She expresses herself artistically in experimental and uncompromising fashion design, creating magical universes with one-off pieces that represent many hours of work, often in unconventional materials. Nikoline Liv Andersen seeks to challenge not only our view of design and clothing but our perception of the world around us in works that addresses ethical aspects of political and social issues.

images courtesy of the artist and MINDCRAFT.

Nikoline’s portfolio full of sculptural clothing is beautifully photographed and composed and worth checking out at her website.