Hairotica by Ali Mahdavi and Christophe Mecca for Tush Magazine

Hairotica by Ali Mahdavi and Christophe Mecca

TUSH, the beauty culture magazine from Hamburg, Germany has a hair-raising editorial conceived of by visual artist and photographer Ali Mahdavi and brought to reality by hair stylist and wig maker Christophe Mecca in their issue #46. Known for sharing new perspectives on aesthetics and beauty, the magazine’s editorial, Hairotica, reimagines hair as private body parts from both men and women. Read more

Monkey Wigs from Nikoline Liv Andersen’s The Dance of the Deaf and Dumb Eye

Woolen wigs by Nikoline Liv Andersen make references to the three wise monkeys in ‘The Dance of the Deaf and Dumb Eye’ exhibited at MINDCRAFT, which showcases some of Denmark’s most talented craftspeople and designers. Read more

Let The Fun Go To Your Head This Halloween. 8 Big Wigs For Target by Chris March.

Chris March Halloween Wigs

This Halloween, Target is teaming up with fashion and costume designer, and former “Project Runway” contestant Chris March to create an exclusive line of larger-than-life Halloween wigs. Read more

Saran Wrap Wigs and Dresses by Kate Cusack

saran wrap wigs

You may have seen one or two of Kate Cusack’s wigs making the rounds on various design blogs, but those are only part of this artist’s collection of fashions made from plastic wrap. Read more