The Falper Wing Sink by Ludovico Lombardi.

falper wing sink

The Falper Wing sink is a new bathroom wall-mounted washbasin designed by Ludovico Lombardi for Falper of Italy.

Falper Wing Sink

the Falper Wing Sink
modern sink design

The sculptural sink is made of Cristalplant and is described by the designer as “continuous dynamic geometries frozen in its transition between the vertical and the horizontal planes. The solidity of the material and the sinuosity of the shape are generated with a dynamic simulation of a body pulled by the gravity.”

Falper Wing Sink
Falper Wing Sink

The form of the wing sink is so sculptural that it was used as an art installation named “Reflections” at Cersaie 2013 Design Week, curated by Ludovico Lombardi and Katrin Zavka.  The installation was the core of the main event by BOLOGNA WATERDESIGN, framed in the historical former hospital Ospedale dei Bastardini. Images from the installation are shown below.

Falper Wing Sinks
modern bathroom sinks

You’ll need a large bathroom for this one.

Ludovico Lombardi