Monkey Wigs from Nikoline Liv Andersen’s The Dance of the Deaf and Dumb Eye

Woolen wigs by Nikoline Liv Andersen make references to the three wise monkeys in ‘The Dance of the Deaf and Dumb Eye’ exhibited at MINDCRAFT, which showcases some of Denmark’s most talented craftspeople and designers. Read more

The Latest Paper Sculptures, Editorial and Advertising Work From Su Blackwell

Su blackwell cut paper art

The enchanting book sculptures by Su Blackwell have been featured commercially and in fine art galleries around the world. Created on various scales, her amazing craft has been used as full sized sets for videos, theater productions and television commercials, window displays and editorials as well as compelling small boxed sculptures, installations and fine art exhibitions. Read more

A 9′ Tall Tower of 50,000 Wishbones and 20 Other Examples of Wishbone Art For Thanksgiving.

more wishbone art for thanksgiving

Last year I treated my readers to a selection of Wishbone inspired art on Turkey Day. This year I have a new round-up of contemporary art, furniture and other Wishbone items I’d like to share with you in honor of Thanksgiving. Read more

It’s A Hirschfeld Holiday At Henri Bendel. The Al Hirschfeld Spectacular Window And Store Decorations.

Woody Allen, Carol Channing, Whoopi Goldberg, Jerry Stiller, Sarah Jessica Parker with Matthew Broderick, Liza Minnelli, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Bernadette Peters are appearing as three-dimensional Al Hirschfeld drawings enjoying a festive dinner party in the New York Flagship Henri Bendel store window this holiday.

Visitors will see the main window of the Henri Bendel flagship store transformed into the resplendent formal dining room of a classic New York townhouse in the midst of a holiday party.

The celebrated party guests — all Al Hirschfeld’s line drawings translated into three dimensions — include: Carol Channing, Whoopi Goldberg, Jerry Stiller, Sarah Jessica Parker with Matthew Broderick, Liza Minnelli, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Bernadette Peters, and Woody Allen.

I have placed all of the 3D sculptures in the window next to the original Hirschfeld drawings for you. Woody Allen is at the top of this post.

Carol Channing is as Hirschfeld drew her in “Hello Dolly!”:

Sarah Jessica Parker appears as she was drawn in “Sex And The City”by Hirschfeld:

Matthew Broderick, SJP’s hubby, looks just as he did in Hirschfeld’s drawing of him in his role in How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying:

Audrey Hepburn steps out of Hirschfeld’s “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” right into Bendel’s window:

Bernadette Peters is executed as she appeared in Hirschfeld’s drawing of her from Sunday In the Park With George:

Whoopie Goldberg is the likeness from Hirschfeld’s 1992 drawing of the actress:

The one and only Liza Minelli looks just like Al’s wonderful 1999 portrait of her:

Jerry Stiller is at the center of the table with the birthday cake, his image taken from Hirschfeld’s drawing of him in King of Queens:

Marilyn Monroe is reproduced just like Hirschfeld’s illustration, only without the parasol:

At the right is the artist himself, Al Hirschfeld, brought into three dimensions from his most famous self-portrait. We see Hirschfeld working away at his drawing table, seated in his famed barber’s chair:

At the center of the window hangs a large gold-plated chandelier sparkling with Swarovski Elements:

The “Hirschfeld Spectacular” is a tribute to the late illustrator who is considered by many to be the greatest line artist of the modern era. In addition to the sculptures created from Hirschfeld drawings for the window scene, Al Hirschfeld’s original line art is featured throughout Henri Bendel, including a two-story-high presentation of illustrations.

Framed drawings by Hirshfeld are found throughout the store as well:

The centerpiece of the atrium is Henri Bendel’s iconic two-story tree, covered in malachite and punctuated with 15 Swarovski Crystal Chandeliers:

Atop the tree is Al Hirschfeld’s Charlie Chaplin, also sculpted in three dimensions, looking down at all who enter the store:

For more than 75 years Hirschfeld drew luminaries from Broadway and Hollywood for “The New York Times” and almost every other notable publication. Full of wit and verve, in distinctively bold and often intricate lines, Hirschfeld captured the greats with his pen. Actors, singers, dancers, producers, directors, and playwrights, classical musicians and rock bands-from the 1920’s on, being “Hirschfelded” signified that you had arrived. Famously, Hirschfeld drew while seated in a barber’s chair in his New York City studio. Hirschfeld continued to work daily until his death in 2003.

Henri Bendel has worked hand-in-hand with Hirschfeld’s exclusive gallery, the Margo Feiden Galleries Ltd., New York, to create a truly unique presentation of the late illustrator’s work for their holiday windows.

The displays in the window and throughout the store were hand sculpted by Tom Carroll Scenery, with the art direction and assistance of Henri Bendel Assistant VP of Visual, Gilberto Santana.

above: The HIRSCHFELD SPECTACULAR! Poster (Size: 37″h x 28″w) is available for purchase. Until January 2, 2014, the price is $135 (includes shipping, packed flat). OR, Collect the Poster with our Compliments, our Gift to you with the purchase of a Hirschfeld Drawing, Lithograph, or Etching. Purchase by calling the MARGO FEIDEN GALLERIES LTD at 212.677.5330

Where: Henri Bendel, 712 Fifth Avenue at 56th Street

When: The Hirschfeld Spectacular will be on display throughout the Henri Bendel flagship store until January 2, 2014.

Why: Until January 2, 2014, when you collect a Hirschfeld Spectacular Poster at the Henri Bendel flagship store, 20% of your purchase will support The Actors Fund’s Al Hirschfeld Free Clinic and Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

images courtesy of Zimbio

Henri Bendel

Haunting Taxidermy Doll Sculptures by Stefanie Vega Make The Perfect Halloween Post.

stephanie vega sculptures IIHIH

Dolls, in general, freak me out. As they do many people. So do clowns, birds, bones and taxidermy. Now, combine all of those and you have the haunting mixed media sculptures of Brooklyn born, now Venice, California-based artist Stefanie Vega. Read more

Big Rice Straw Beasts Sculpted For The Wara Straw Art Festival.

You may or may not have seen images of large sculpted straw beasts, recently being shared all over the internet. Truth be told, they are not new, but are actually a few years old (from 2010 and 2011) from the annual Wara Straw Art festival in Niigata. According to CNN Travel, The Wara Art Matsuri takes place every year in two locations in Niigata, at Kanko Shisetsu Iwamuroya (96-1 Iwamuro Onsen, Nishikan-ku, Niigata) and Uwasekigata park (1 Matsunoo, Nishikan-ku, Niigata).

The festival is an annual celebration of Autumn where local people and college students of Art and Architecture departments create some impressive straw art in Nishikan-ku, an area is said to have the “largest paddy fields in the country,” according to Japan Style.

The art is created from rice straw by locals and college students. The structures are made from pipes and wood sticks, then the straw is added, taking about a week per piece to complete.

images are courtesy of Kotaku and CNN Travel

A Halloween Treat: Villafane Studio’s Phenomenal Pumpkins

Ray Villafane is visionary and patriarch of Phoenix, Arizona’s Villafane Studios, one of whose specialties is carving incredibly impressive, phenomenal pumpkins. They also create jaw-dropping sand sculptures, props and toys. Read more

State-Shaped Hand Cast Iron Skillets by Alisa Toninato Are Fun and Functional.

State-Shaped Hand Cast Iron Skillets by Alisa Toninato Are Fun and Functional.

American Skillet Co State Shaped Cast Iron

Thirty-year-old metal designer Alisa Toninato, who as been featured on Martha Stewart, creates handmade substantial and beautiful examples of craftsmanship with iron skillets in the shape of each of the 48 contiguous United States. Read more