Minimalist, Modern Re-Imagined Movie Posters By JoE Chiang of Monster Gallery

joseph chiang re-imagined movie posters

Joseph Chiang re-imagined movie posters. Aside from having great taste in movies, Singapore-based artist Joseph Chiang (aka JoE) is a self-professed one-man sweatshop called MonsterGallery.

Joseph Chiang Re-imagined Movie Posters

Joseph Chiang Re-imagined Movie Posters
above: the Dark Knight Rises is his most recent re-imagined movie poster

Creating retro-pop-culture-inspired art and prints, he has a series of re-imagined movie posters for films directed many of my personal favorites: Alfred Hitchcock, Wes Anderson, Sam Mendes, Quentin Tarantino, Michel Gondry, Mike Nichols and other greats.

Wes Anderson Movie Posters Made Minimal:
reimagined movie posters

wes anderson minimalist movie poster design

minimalist movie poster design

minimalist movie poster design for The Royal Tenenbaums

reimagined movie poster Rushmore

Hitchcock Classics Re-imagined:
reimagined Vertigo poster

minimalist versions of hitchcock movie posters

Quentin Tarantino Re-imagined Movie Posters:

Michel Gondry Re-imagined Movie Posters:

Other Quirky and Wonderful Movies Whose Posters Have Been Re-imagined:

Minimalist Movie Posters of Classic Greats (if you haven’t seen all of these, start streaming!)

“Reimagining these posters are my way of paying tribute to the movies which I love. It’s also a way to let you hang them on your wall so your friends know how cool you are to like these movies. “ – Joseph Chiang, Founder, Monster Gallery

A self-trained artist, painter, photographer and obviously print-maker, his goal is to bring joy to the masses through his art. He updates his works frequently on his Facebook Page.

The Monster Blog

Joseph Chiang’s gouache paintings of monsters on wood

Shop for all of these posters (the prices are incredibly reasonable) and many other wonderful pieces by JoE at his Etsy store