Baroque Portraits + Candy Wrappers = The Product Project Placement

The product placement project

London-based artist and designer Toby Holmes of the UK’s Little Fish Design explores the connection between Art and Advertising by digitally melding classic painted portraits with candy wrappers and popular snack packaging in his Product Placement Project. Read more

The Architect Collection by Plasticgod.

Architect Collection by Plasticgod

Doug Murphy, aka Plasticgod, has been creating stylized illustrated versions of famous personalities from the world of fashion, art and music for over a decade. His architect collection features his flat minimalistic renderings of legendary architects from all over the world as stretched box canvases. Read more

Hollywood Star Charts Make Cinema Celestial.

DOROTHY Hollywood Star Charts hero IIHIH

Dorothy has done it again. Their new Hollywood Star Charts – available in four different editions – celebrate some of the most culturally significant films and actors to have graced the silver screen since 1927. Read more

Beautiful Typographic Posters Feature Pop Culture Icons and Quotes.


Professional graphic designer and illustrator Ayse T. Werner quit her boring job to be able to what she really wanted to do – photography and drawing. And after seeing these, I’m so glad she did and I think you’ll agree. Read more

Classic Chairs As Alphabet. Tim Fishlock’s Limited Edition Typeseat Screen Print and Chair Alphabet Prints From Blue Ant Studio.

Blue Ant Studio Chair Prints

I love chairs. And typography, So both Tim Fishlock‘s and Blue Ant Studio’s beautiful prints in which they use Classic Chairs As Typography are right up my alley/in my wheelhouse/my cup of tea… you get the picture. Read more

Walking Shadow Drawings By Jason Ratliff.

above: Walking Shadow, Old Man

Jason Ratliff describes himself as an artist first and a graphic designer second. He creates illustrations with a mixture of ink, acrylic and a light dose of whimsy. What inspires him are colors, composition and how they interact.  In his own brand of artwork, color and composition are key. These values are reflected in his beautifully illustrated Walking Shadow series of drawings which are available as prints in various sizes.

Walking Shadow 9 (original available here)

Walking Shadow, Old Lady:

Walking Shadow, Superman:

Walking Shadow, Cat:

Walking Shadow, Cat 2:

Walking Shadow, Rooster:

Walking Shadow, Bicycle:

Walking Shadow, Guitar:

Walking Shadow, Lunch:

Walking Shadow, Monkey:

Prints, iPhone covers, canvases, t-shirts and notecards of these illustrations are available for purchase here at Society 6.

Finer prints of these are available here at Saatchi Online

The Artist, Jason Ratliff:

Location: Indianapolis, IN, United States
Work: Graphic Designer
Education: Graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Visual Communication Design. Studied under Dennis Ichiyama.

The Wes Anderson Alphabet by Hexagonall. 18 Minimalist Posters Based On Cool and Quirky Characters From Wes Anderson’s Films.

Wes Anderson Alphabet Posters

Characters from Wes Anderson movies serve as inspiration for Alphabet posters in a minimalist meets Saul Bass style by Madrid designer and Illustrator Hexagonall. Read more

Minimalist, Modern Re-Imagined Movie Posters By JoE Chiang of Monster Gallery

joseph chiang re-imagined movie posters

Aside from having great taste in movies, Singapore-based artist Joseph Chiang (aka JoE) is a self-professed one-man sweatshop called MonsterGallery. Read more