Charlotte Lancelot’s Canevas Furniture & Rug Collection Combines Craft With Sophistication.

Charlotte Lancelot for Canevas

Looking for unique furniture that is modern, comfortable and oozing with craftsmanship? The new Canevas collection of cushions, soft poufs, modular poufs and rugs by Charlotte Lancelot for GAN Rugs, a division of Gandia Blasco, utilizes the designer’s penchant for felted embroidery and cross-stitching.

Canevas Furniture and Rug Collection

Canevas Furniture and Rug Collection

The collection, which is simultaneously fun and sophisticated, includes area rugs, soft poufs, modular poufs and cushions. The abstracted felted wool cross-stitching gives the pieces a handmade look without appearing like ‘crafts.’

The Furniture
canevas collection IIHIH

The Cushions

canevas cushions

The Rugs:

canevas rugs

The Poufs:

canevas poufs

Charlotte Lancelot
Shop the Canevas Collection by Carlotte Lancelot for GAN here.


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