Planet Of The Apes Portraits Created With 57,000 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings.

Planet Of The Apes Portraits

Artist Joe Black doesn’t monkey around when it comes to interesting mosaics. Known for his assemblages crafted from vintage badges, Lego bricks and plastic toy soldiers, he’s used ball bearings to recreate two portraits of Cornelius and one of Zira, the monkeys played by Roddy McDowell and Kim Hunter, respectively from Escape From Planet Of The Apes the third movie in the original movie franchise.

Planet Of The Apes Portraits

roddy mcdowell in planet of the apes
cornelius planet of the apes

kim hunter as Zira
planet of the apes portrait made with ball bearings

Mr. Black used 57,000 stainless steel ball bearings on black rubber mounted on aluminum to create his series of three portraits title “We Never Left”:

planet of the apes art

Joe Black

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