What A Burn. The Impeachment Scented Candle.

The Impeachment hearings began yesterday. Watching them may not be as painful or boring an experience with the proper ambiance and the Impeachment scented candle by JD and Kate Industries of Missouri may just be the necessary accessory. Read more

Mike Murphy’s Mind-Blowing Perceptual Art

Mike Murphy’s Mind-Blowing Perceptual Art consists of three dimensional installations that appear one way when viewed from a certain angle and then convey a different image or message when viewed from another. Read more

Mike Mitchell’s Anti-Trump Symbol Goes Viral

The Anti-Trump symbol by Austin-based artist Mike Mitchell that takes the number 45 (Donald Trump is the United States’ 45th President) and renders it as a distorted Swastika behind the international “No” symbol, has become a rallying cry for protesters everywhere. Read more