SOLID GRAY Aluminum Backpack Looks Like Armadillo Origami

Solid Gray Aluminum Backpack

Inspired by nature’s protective evolutionary designs; hard shells of crustaceans, animals and insect exoskeletons, the SOLID GRAY Aluminum Backpack is one unique rucksack. It’s got an armadillo meets origami look and feel and now they’ve just introduced a thinner, lighter and stronger version.

SOLID GRAY Aluminum Backpack

SOLID GRAY Aluminum Backpack

The Netherlands based brand designs Polymer and Aluminum backpacks that have a faceted hard shell designed to protect the contents within and yet be comfortable to wear. But the star of the collection is the Aluminum one.

The backpack is loaded with smart features.
It comes with comfortable back padding and additional laptop padding, on top of SOLID GRAY’s regular features, which include hidden handles, easy to change straps and an individual laser-etched serial number.

Exchangeable, washable straps:

Solid Gray introduces the unique “Switch System”. Shoulder straps are attached or released in seconds, the system is designed to be very simple and secure.

A hidden handle:
The easy to grab handle automatically retracts itself when it is not needed. Made from hard-wearing POM plastic, it is built to last like the rest of the pack.

Laser-etched serial number:
Each backpack is fitted with its own unique serial number. An engraved proof of quality that reflects the work and attention that went into each and every Solid Gray Backpack

Laptop Protection:
Solid Gray is lined with durable EPDM foam and features an adjustable strap for your laptop or tablet. The backpack can carry and protect nearly all laptops of 15.6 inch or smaller.

Comfortable back padding:

The layered aluminum-polymer composite creates an ultra-strong, ultra-light and ultra-thin pack. The brushed and coated metal is highly scratch proof, and has a spectacular lustre.


The design of the backpack combines shapes that are found in animals such as insects with mathematical polygone structures. This clever construction allows for the toughest possible shell to be made from the thinnest layer of material.


Tough aluminium rivets are used to assemble a hardshell that will last you many years. Solid Gray is proudly manufactured in the Netherlands, allowing for the highest possible production standards.

Solid Gray has an extremely long lifespan, and of course we hope you will enjoy it for a long time to come. After many years of loyal service, it can be disassembled and reprocessed into high-purity technological materials.

SOLID GRAY® aluminium hard shell backpack; Our flagship model for those that want the ultimate in tech, style and performance. Made from hard coated Aluminium-Polymer composite for a new level in lightness, durability and strength.
Standard equipped with Back Padding.

Lightweight: 1,3 kg / 3 lbs 15 oz
Volume: 15 liters / 915 cubic inch
Lifetime crash service
Free worldwide shipping
US$ 690 (price subject to change)
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Available SOLID GRAY Backpacks:

The polymer backpacks are available in five colors and weigh 1300 grams (2.866 lbs), while the Aluminum backpack weighs 1450 grams (or just over 3 lbs).

The Solid Gray backpacks meet the dimension requirements for carry-on luggage on all airlines with exterior dimensions of 50 x 32 x 20cm (500 x 320 x 200 mm / 19.7 x 12.6 x 7.9 inch )

SOLID GRAY was founded by designers Herman Lijmbach and Jasper de Leeuw, graduates from the internationally acclaimed Design Academy Eindhoven. The company operates from the Netherlands with offices at the historical Strijp-S industrial area.

Each and every detail is designed and manufactured from scratch with utmost care and dedication.

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