Remembering Artist John Baldessari

remembering artist John Baldessari

The world lost artist John Baldessari last week at his home in Venice, Los Angeles. Passing away at the age of 88, he left us with some of the most inventive, ironic and unusual art in multiple mediums, forever cementing his place in Art History as The Godfather of Conceptual Art. (more…)

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Enough is Enough. It’s Time To Take Action.

Take Action Against Guns

We usually don’t discuss politics seriously on this blog, but we cannot stand what is happening in this country. At the risk of losing some of our readers, we are taking a stand. It’s no secret that this is a liberal blog. We’ve poked fun at President Trump too many times to count. But the recent mass-shootings in this country directly reflect the hatred incited by our leader and his supporters with his border wall, his “go back” and other racist rhetoric, his refusal to stand up to the NRA and his White Nationalist Ideology. (more…)

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Artistic Tributes To The Notre Dame Cathedral

artist tributes to Notre Dame Cathedral

Much of the world woke this morning to tragic news as images of one of the world’s most iconic cathedrals engulfed in flames flashed all over news outlets and social media. The beloved Paris landmark, the centuries old Notre Dame Cathedral, is one of the most widely-recognized symbols of both the city of Paris and the French nation. Considered to be one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture, it’s been the subject of or has inspired many works of art, literature and film. (more…)

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