Domestic Hunger: A Vinyl Carnivorous Bird House by Blaine Fontana and A Special Custom Version.

domestic hunger by blaine fontana
Domestic Hunger for Kid Robot; above right: Custom hand-painted version by the artist.

A red bird perched on an almost completely jet black carnivorous bird house is an original sculpted vinyl piece by artist Blaine Fontana for Kid Robot Black.

Domestic Hunger by Blaine Fontana

domestic hunger by blaine fontana

Produced in a limited edition of 200, each piece is hand numbered with the artist’s signature engraved on the back. Packaged in a display box, Domestic Hunger also has two options for installation – hanging or wall mounted.

“Like a siren, Domestic Hunger lures. Grounded by gleaming roots spreading from its base, its glossy upturned roof and weathered texture speak of home. A home with pointed teeth and hungry tongue. Like an insatiable pet, it must be fed.Every house is hungry for company.”- Kidrobot

Blaine Fontana with hand-painted version of Domestic Hunger
Blaine Fontana holds his customized one-off version of Domestic Hunger

The Custom Hand-Painted Version:

Here’s a look at a special alternative one of a kind custom hand painted version with feather that was raffled off by Blaine on his site when the product was launched earlier this year:

vinyl toy design

Domestic Hunger (Black) AP:
Artist Blaine Fontana also offers the Kidrobot Black – Domestic Hunger AP’s (Artists Proofs)  which consist of the 17” sculptural piece with an additional 12 x 12? hand signed and numbered giclee print, with each box signed by Blaine.

custom vinyl toys

Product Description:
17 x 7 1/2 x 7 1/2″ sculptural piece
•12 x 12″ Giclée
•1″ Bleed
•Limited Edition of 10
•Hand Signed & Numbered
•100% Acid free Textured Cotton Rag
•300 gm
• Museum Quality
Exclusively available through his web store.