MEC Pool Mosaics Make Swimming Splashier.

MEC Pool mosaics

So you’ve seen swimming pool mosaics before. Perhaps a dolphin, a sea turtle or a family of seahorses? Maybe it was a giant fleur de lis or some other element designed to add a regal touch. But if you’re going to add something to your pool other than chlorine, why not make it truly art. MEC Pool Mosaics has taken the swimming pool tile art to a new level with a range of custom glass mosaic pool designs.

MEC Pool Mosaics

custom pool mosaics

We love swimming pools. We’ve shared with you many cool ways to accessorize them such as luxury pool slides and custom wood diving boards. We’ve even shown you pool tiles that glow in the dark. And now, cool pool tile mosaics.

swimming pool circles mosaic

Swimming pool mosaics are not only for hotels and resorts. Many private pool owners have added tile mosaics to their own pools. Should you be considering such an endeavor, let us introduce you to MEC Pool Mosiacs. Whether you simply want to upgrade your spa pool or lap lane, add a water feature or make your entire pool splashier, they have a solution.

daisy pool mosaic

Now mind you, they DO also offer dolphins and seahorses as well as Greco Roman icons and flourishes because, well… people. But for those looking for something that either blends into the home’s style or stands out as a piece of art, they are the ones to make it happen.

MEC mosaics

modern pool mosaics

A multiple BEST of HOUZZ winner, you’ve probably seen MEC Pool Mosaics in the pages of Architectural Digest.

MEC Gradan pool mosaic

custom pool mosaics

modern art pool mosaics

Whether you want to translate your own art or photograph into a custom pool mosaic or choose from one of their many beautiful designs, they have the designers, the craftsmen, the know-how and now the technology to make it flawlessly come to fruition.

24k gold-foiled glass mosaic tesserae
Pool stairs and surround shown in MEC’s Oro 24k gold-foiled glass mosaic tesserae
pool mosaic with 24k gold-foiled glass
The Oro range has 24k gold-foiled glass mosaic tesserae, but they offer a budget-friendly version as well

Using tiny tiles, also known as tesserae, mosaic artists and craftsmen create larger images, patterns and designs. Virtually any image, no matter how complex or abstract can be transformed into a mosaic by a skilled hand. For decades MEC did this manually, requiring a lot of time and effort.

glass pool mosaic

computer generated pool mosaics

swirl glass tile mosaic

modern swimming pool design

The famous fresco painting from Sistine Chapel’s ceiling inspired the swimming pool tile art shown below at MEC’s workshop moments before being packed and dispatched.

michelangelo creation of adam mosaic
A Vertex glass mosaic rendition of Michelangelo’s masterpiece at MEC’s workshop

However, with the addition of the smart mosaic design and fabrication system called AddTek in 2020, MEC eliminated several manual steps that it used to take. The system basically converts any image into a mosaic arrangement using the colors from MEC’s own glass mosaic tesserae library and enables them to offer more budget-friendly glass mosaics (PIXL) that are fast to produce and amazing to look at.

mec rogue waves mosaic
Magnificent ocean waves are turned into a PIXL mosaic mural with their exclusive technology

MEC Marmo glass pool mosaic

MEC Dysk glass PIXL mosaic

glass ikat pool mosaic

MEC is one of the leading global producers of handcrafted custom mosaic art. They specialize in all things mosaic. Interior or exterior design, glass or marble tile, residential or commercial spaces, mosaic rugs or swimming pools.

Kosmik glass pixl mosaic

MEC Artworks

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images courtesy of MEC and MEC on Instagram