Splinter Works Custom Luxury Pool Slides.

Luxury pool Slides

Way, way back in 2012 I introduced you to Splinter Works’ Shoot, a limited edition sculptural pool slide. Then, made of carbon fiber and leafed in silver, the arching outdoor sculpture with unique steps slid you right into the pool in a trajectory that emulated spouting water. And they only made three of them. Now, the same company of craftsmen have launched two more beautiful pool slide designs: The Reflex, and an updated version of the Shoot Slide in a Bronze resin finish.

SplinterWorks Custom Luxury Pool Slides

Splinter Works Reflex slide

So many companies design fabulous swimming pools and accompanying landscaping. And despite this, there are few accessories for pools that are equally stylish.

We’ve shared beautiful handmade wood diving boards with you, so now it’s only fair to share equally beautiful water slides.

The Custom Shoot Pool Slide in Silver Resin
SplinterWorks Custom Luxury Pool Slides

When I last blogged about this water slide, I made a comment about the fact that I didn’t know how the slide could remain cool in high temperatures. Now that it’s made of silver resin instead of silver-leafed carbon fiber, I can see how. Despite the change in materials, this slide’s design remain the same as it did 5 years ago.

modern pool slide

2022 update: The company has since come a long way with their pool slides and the materials with which they are made. They no longer make slides in resin or silver leaf. They have developed a proprietary system to keep their slides cool in hot weather you can learn about here.

swimming pool slides

The same curvature and the same unique, but difficult, footholds to climb to the top of it. A beautiful accessory to both a pool and a yard, the Shoot Slide in silver resin can be custom ordered. That leads me to the new iteration:

modern pool slide
polished stainless steel, non-slip steps and handrails have replaced the old design

The Custom Shoot Pool slide in Bronze Resin
custom swimming pool slide

swimming pool slides

Like the silver version, Shoot was designed for an outdoor swimming pool. A seemingly unbalanced sculptural arch inspired by a shoot of water, this one is equipped with a safety handrail and traditional steps with an underfoot grip.

sculptural pool slide

slides for swimming pools

Safety is engineered into all of their luxury slides from the outset and are designed to meet British and US safety standards.

The Reflex Slide in Polished Stainless Steelcustom pool slide

The Reflex water slide was conceived in mirror-polished stainless steel for a townhouse indoor pool.

stainless steel slide

Reflex is an evocative, reflective sculptural highlight in a dark stone pool, designed to be admired from both the pool, gym and office.

reflex pool slide

splinterworks slides

modern pool slides

modern pool accessories

It curls back on itself, as to not take up too much space, but has easily enough velocity to create the necessary splash!

Safety is engineered into all our luxury slides from the outset. With grip underfoot on the steps and an easy-to-grab handrail that, in this case, is incorporated seamlessly into the sculpture, the slides are designed to British and US safety standards.

Splinterworks are also the people behind the hammock-like carbon fiber Vessel tub.