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Rural Life is Top of Mind in the Skull Sculptures of Frodo Mikkelsen.

skulls of frodo mikkelsen hero IIHIH

Artist Frodo Mikkelsen (b. 1974) began as a street artist and continues to work in various mediums including painting, collage and sculpture. His ongoing series of cast animal and human skulls were inspired by the idea of reincarnation and serve as the literal and figural foundation for quaint buildings, cabins, farms, water towers, wildlife and other rural scenarios.

Frodo Mikkelsen Skull Sculptures

Mikkelsen has been working on this sculptural series since 2007, playing with materials, scale and style. In 2011, he began to add animal skulls to the series. And in 2014, he opted for a more raw, interpretive approach with less literal detail.

I’ve chosen to share a few of his pieces from this series, chronologically, from 2007 through 2014.


FM 2007 b IIHIH

sculptures FM 2008 IIHIH

sculptures FM 2009 b IIHIH

sculptures FM 2009 IIHIH

sculptures FM 2010 IIHIH

sculptures FM gold 2010 IIHIH

sculptures FM 2011 b IIHIH

sculptures FM 2011 IIHIH

sculptures FM 2012 IIHIH

sculptures FM gold 2012 IIHIH

sculptures FM 2013 animal skulls IIHIH

sculptures FM 2014 IIHIH

About the artist:
Frodo Mikkelsen 2009. Photo by Nikolaj Palmskov
above: Frodo Mikkelsen, 2009. Photo by Nikolaj Palmskov

Mikkelsen, who lives and works in Copenhagen, has been a Graffiti artist since 1984 and now works in graphics, sculpture, installations, terrain art and more. He work has been featured at the following art galleries.

• Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York
• ARoS – Aarhus kunstmuseum, Denmark
• Kastrupgårdsamlingen
• Bergen kunstmuseum, Norway
• Grieg collection, Norway
• Esbjerg kunstmuseum, Denmark
• Museum Salling (Skive ny Kunstmuseum), Denmark
• Vejle kunstmuseum, Denmark
• Frederikshavn Kunstmuseum, Denmark
• Vestjyllands Kunstmuseum, Denmark
• Nuuk Kunstmuseum, Greenland
• Grafiska Museet Helsingborg, Sweden

See more of his work at his site here