Pooping Chihuahua Turns Red. The Good Puppy Table Lamp Now Comes In Ferrari Red.

Pooping Chihuahua Lamp

About 10 months ago I introduced you to the defecating dog lamps by UK artist Whathisname.  Now he has created a Ferrari red version of The Good Puppy Table Lamp, a pooping Chihuahua whose turd is actually the on/off switch. Read more

Defecating Dogs Brighten Up A Room. Pooping Dog Lamps By Whatshisname.

The Good Puppy Table Lamp and the Good Boy Floor Lamp are designed by a Polish born artist who now lives and works in London and goes by the obscure moniker What’s His Name. Read more

Burn Wood, Baby, Burn. The Incredible Pyrographic Art of Julie Bender.

Pyrographic art hero IIHIH

When I first came across these, I found it so hard to believe they were actually wood burnings. The intricate rendering of texture, the detail and the overall appearance seems as though it’d be virtually impossible to create with a pyrographic tool. Julie Bender has shown me otherwise. Read more

The Beautiful Vases, Dogs and Cats of Gary Steinborn and his Venice Clay Studio.

Venice Clay Studio Hero IIHIH

The Venice Clay Studio features the talented ceramic crafts of Los Angeles born artist Gary Steinborn. Inspired by the work of arts and craft factories such as Grueby, Pewabic, Teco and Rookwood, his sculpted animals and artful vases are sensual, modern and appealing. Read more

Lucian Freud Remembered. Images of (and links to) his Astounding Work.

Lucian Freud paintings
Lucian Freud self-portrait (one of many), Reflection, 2005

British realist, figurative and portrait painter Lucian Freud, who was one of the greatest artists of our time, passed away at the age of 88 on July 20th. Read more

Paul Boddum’s Pet Paintings & Custom Portraits

above: Lucy (1992-2008), Portrait for Ann Rohmer

Paul Boddum (b.1966) is a visual artist based in Toronto. His passion is creating contemporary artworks for people who cherish their dogs and cats. Paul’s inspiration comes from his love of animals and the unique personalities and stories of each pet he paints. Boddum’s paintings are concerned with the idea of dogs being little versions of our ideal companion and the positive effects pets have by enhancing our quality of life.

Paul has done portraits for such animal enthusiasts as Art Smith (chef, author, television personality) one time personal chef to Oprah Winfrey, and Anne Rohmer of CP24 Breakfast Television and Animal House Calls Host. The Pet Network has profiled Paul on two occasions and his artwork has been featured in publications such as the Toronto Star, Style and Home, Canadian House and Home, Boston Herald, and the National Post. He has been exhibited locally and in the US including the Art of the Dog exhibition at Morgan Stanley, California with other nationally recognized animal artists from across North America. In 2002 after showing at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition he began taking orders for private commissions by independent collectors.

Jasper and Cooper:



Paul Boddum studied visual art briefly at York University and in 1989 became a self-taught artist focusing on combining figurative and abstract painting styles. Currently he continues to work on private commissions and original works for future exhibiting.

Molly and Sadie:



Janet and Bug:



The Artist’s Statement:

My paintings address issues of personal identity and my growing up as an adoptee. I’m interested in exploring the effects of the environment one is exposed to and the nurturing of one’s family. My impulse is to paint domestic pets and the transformative bond that forms from the need to be cared for by others.

My early portraits were inspired by a visit to a dog show, photographing the event, and drawing from that energy to produce works that capture the interspecies interactions and personalities on display. Afterwards I created my works using an overhead projector to blow up pictures of dogs from vintage breed books onto canvas in a Pop Art style.


These images confronted the viewer with a familiarity to viewing a human portrait painting like Chuck Close and Andy Warhol. My use of commissioned portraits is a traditional practice that I approach in a contemporary way. I purposely leave the human out of the picture, and declare the pet as family member of equal importance. My paintings are concerned with the idea of dogs being little versions of our ideal companion.


I present the animal as a subject deserving of its recent ascent in society to full blown family member. Dogs are now seen as similar to having a child, they are pampered and nurtured more so than any other time in history. The animal in my recent work is paired with bold abstract expressionist gestures.

My works Autumn (2007) as well as Pampered Puppy (2006) convey the expected details of the animals form, but the background is not treated like a background, it is painted as an extension of the animals.

Pampered Puppy:


Commission Pricing (as of 08/2009):

above: Ferris, the final painting and photograph from which it was painted

16 x 20 inches – $1000
20 x 24 inches – $1100
24 x 30 inches – $1200
30 x 36 inches – $1400
36 x 48 inches – $1800
48 x 60 inches – $2200

(square sizes)
30 x 30 inches – $1200
36 x 36 inches – $1400
48 x 48 inches – $2000

For 2 or more pets, $200. is added to the cost. Larger and custom sized canvases are available.

See more of his work and/or order a custom portrait here.

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