Kate Ballis Depicts Palm Springs As Hypercolour Fantasy With Infrared Filters.

By now the homes and pools of Palm Springs have taken on a legendary iconic status beyond that of simply Mid-Century Modern Architecture. A frequent subject for artists of all types, we’ve seen paintings of the desert area by Danny Heller and Carrie Graber, nighttime photography by Tom Blachford, even tissue boxes  and wall shelves inspired by the popular California vacation destination.

Kate Ballis Infra Realism

Kate Ballis Infra Realism

Now there’s yet another creative take on the iconic Palm Springs hotels, homes and pools: Kate Ballis Infra Realism. Melbourne photographer Kate Ballis has photographed Palm Springs before, but not like this.

In her Infra Realism series, the photographer was inspired by Richard Mosse’s groundbreaking infrared documentary series. Shot with a specially converted full-spectrum mirrorless camera using various infrared filters, the artist reimagines iconic Palm Springs locations: hotels, homes, swimming pools in deep hues of reds, magentas and pinks punctuated by vibrant cornflower and periwinkle blues.

Classic Palm Springs hotels and resorts are transformed into surreal, hyper-saturated buildings of pinks with pools of blood red. The Mid-Century Modern Architecture, for which the area has become as famous as its high temperatures, becomes candy-colored A-frames and Butterfly Roofs, contrasted against purple palms and blue succulents.

Taking images with we we are familiar, Ballis’ infrared photographs are like peering into parallel universe, simultaneously familiar and yet new.

Ironically, Kate is making her US debut with her first solo show at Los Angeles’ Garis & Hahn with 13 large scale photographs from this series  – but I’m not nearly as fond of the 13 in the show as I am of several I’ve chosen to show here.

image at top:

Kate is making her US debut with her first solo show at Los Angeles’ Garis & Hahn with 13 large scale powerfully seductive photographs that transform everyday southern California archetypes–modernist architecture, pools, vintage cars and desert scenes–into otherworldly candy-colored dreamscapes.

The exhibition will opened on July 22 and will remain on view through August 25, 2018.
Gallery Hours:
Tuesday, 1 – 5pm
Wednesday – Saturday, 11am – 5pm
Contact Information:
1820 Industrial Street Los Angeles, CA 90021
(P) 213.267.0229 | (E) [email protected]

There are more infrared photos on Kate’s website that do not appear in the exhibition.