Modern Leisure: New Work from Artist Danny Heller

danny heller new work
Eichler With Galaxie, oil on canvas, 30×44,” 2016

Whenever artist Danny Heller exhibits his newest work, I ache to buy all of them. His latest solo show, Modern Leisure, recalls one of the artist’s favorite subjects: a mid-century, post-war, pop culture Southern California suburbia. And I desperately wish I could afford every single piece.

Danny Heller Modern Leisure

A brand new series of Heller’s paintings and ink drawings, “Modern Leisure” opened yesterday at the George Billis Gallery in Los Angeles. The work beckons to those with an affinity for mid-century modern architecture, vintage cars and the So Cal lifestyle.

Danny himself describes the exhibit as Focusing on the sunny mid-century architecture and design found in the region, the work will cover the vacation homes, the swimming pools, and the classic cars that helped give California its “cool.”

The quiet stillness of manicured yards, perfectly aligned outdoor furniture, majestic palms, carports, overhangs and inviting swimming pools in his work evoke a hypnotic sense of order. Just take a look.

Racquet Club Estates Lounging, oil on canvas, 33×46,” 2017
danny heller modern leisure

Butterfly Roof Alexander House, oil on canvas, 32×54,” 2016
Butterfly Roof Alexander House by danny heller

Williams Residence, oil on canvas, 32×54,” 2017
Williams Residence by Danny Heller

Although similar subject matter to the work of Carrie Graber, whose recent series of Palms Springs architecture and pools I shared with you here, Heller’s work is void of human figures and is executed in a crisper, sharper and less moody manner than Graber’s. The blue skies, long shadows and angular architecture are a more pristine representation of the leisurely lifestyle, but equally appealing.

Pool and Hedges, oil on canvas, 22×26,” 2016
Pool and Hedges by Danny Heller

1955 Packard, oil on canvas, 26×26,” 2016
1955 Packard by Danny Heller

My artwork centers on mid-century American architecture and design, once revered for its groundbreaking ideas in form and social planning, but now largely undervalued in a culture that hungers for change.

Working in a realistic style, my paintings capture those settings where mid-century Modernism and environment come together harmoniously. I manipulate lighting, dramatic angles, and layout to form engaging scenes that showcase the dynamic elements of these spaces. Often focusing on Modern suburban tract homes, classic cars, and house interiors, my work exposes this period of innovation to the wider public, and especially to new generations. In doing so, I’m helping to build a new respect for the past, aid in its preservation, and learn from it in order to move forward. – Danny Heller

Twin Palms Evening, oil on canvas, 38×54,” 2017
Twin Palms Evening by danny heller

Floating Inner Tubes, oil on canvas, 32×40,” 2016
paintings by danny heller

Morning Lawn Flamingos, oil on canvas, 36×36,” 2017
mid-century modern paintings

Flamingo Study 2, oil on panel, 10×10,” 2017
Pink flamingos by Danny Heller

Flamingo Study 3, oil on panel, 10×10,” 2017
paintings of pink flamingo lawn decorations

Flamingo Study 4, oil on panel, 10×10,” 2017
danny heller artwork

Flamingo Study 5, oil on panel, 10×10,” 2017

Ink Drawings

Flamingo Drawing 1, ink on paper, 8.5×11,” 2017
drawing of pink flamingos

Edris House Drawing, ink on paper, 8.5×11,” 2017
edris house drawing by Danny Heller

Eichler Drawing 1, ink on paper, 8.5×11,” 2017
eichler house drawings

Butterfly Roof House Drawing, ink on paper, 8.5×11,” 2017
butterfly roof drawing by danny heller

Williams Residence Drawing, ink on paper, 8.5×11,” 2017
mid-century modern architecture drawings

Twin Palms House Drawing, ink on paper, 8.5×11,” 2017
Twin Palms House drawing by Danny Heller

Eichler Drawing 2, ink on paper, 8.5×11,” 2017
eichler house drawing

Other Pieces (not in the show)
Not included in the exhibit, the following paintings of Palm Springs by Danny were also executed in the past year or two and are worth sharing with you. See more of his Palm Springs artwork here.

Jaffe House, oil on Canvas, 28×44″, 2015
Jaffe House, Danny Heller

Poolside Lounge Chairs, oil on canvas, 20×26,” 2016
Poolside Lounge Chairs by Danny Heller

Butterfly Roof and Inner Tube, oil on canvas, 38×54,” 2016
Butterfly Roof and Inner Tube by Danny heller

Wexler Reflection, oil on canvas, 16×20,” 2014
Wexler Reflection by Danny Heller

Twin Palms Afternoon, oil on canvas, 28×48″, 2015
Twin Palms Afternoon by Danny Heller

The exhibition will continue through May 13th.
For prices and availability contact the George Billis Gallery

Danny Heller

George Billis Gallery
2716 S. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034

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