Just Grow It! Nikes Transformed Into Nature by Mr. Plant.

nike just grow it

Christophe Guinet (aka Mr. Plant) has a personal project, Just Grow It!, in which he turned Nike kicks into a series of living sculptures.

Nike Just Grow It!

studio view and suppliesMr. Plant Nike Just Grow It!tree bark nike10593241_1472013949714524_2089254866_n

Covering and in some cases, creating, the familiar shoes with organic floral, tree and plant matter, the laces are just about the only thing that maintain their original appearance. In other instances the shoe itself acts as a vessel from which a plant can grow.

Nike SB “Seed”
nike seed profilenike_seed close upnike seed shoe supplies

Nike SB “Grasshopper”
nike shoe grasshopper profilenike grasshopper cunike grasshopper vcu

Nike SB “Rock”
nike rock profilenike rock cu

Nike SB “Flower Power”
Nike flower powerNike flower power cu

Nike SB “Wood”
wood3wood detailnike wood shoe supplies

Nike shoe bonsai tree

“Seeds In The Wind”

poppy nikes

“In these works, one can read a certain dichotomy between the marketing and media world in which we live and ethical values ​​that are dear to me,” Guinet told Fast Co.Design. “This is an invitation for all of us to contemplate, to rediscover the beauty of a single seed of a wild grass, the delicacy of a flower, or the smell of the foam.”

All images courtesy of Christophe Guinet’s Instagram feed.

About the artist:
Mr. Plant Nike Just Grow It!

Christophe Guinet was born in Paris and grew up between town and country, always keeping in touch with nature. As a teenager, he developed a passion for plants, especially the cultivation of orchids: attracted by their exacting needs and rewarded by the beauty and delicacy of their flowers. Later tastes evolve to urban cultures: skate, art and especially street art, fashion … Eager to get more involved in creation, he gathered a team of creative talents to set up the «SEIZE» project. Graphic design, art, marketing & communication were now part of his daily life.

His craft allowed him to realise what kind of world we are living in: worried by industrialisation, manipulation and how human thought was changing,he becomes more careful when collecting raw natural materials.Contemplative and passionate aesthete of the plant world, he uses his findings related to places and seasons, to create works of art with care and a concentration close to the meditative state.

The artistic process is thus an integral part of the final work of art. As ephemeral and fragile as a bouquet of flowers, Christophe’s compositions show us the beauty of nature through everyday and cult objects.His care to minimise the harmful impact on the environment is in contrast to the escalation of consumerism and the race to keep producing objects which are ever newer, more technical ,more ‘hype’ Through his compositions, Christophe also expresses the idea that plants do not think; they live from day to day, in a haphazard way. It is in this spirit of the moment that he creates ,with meticulous detail and patience, his unique plant compositions.

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