Mini Chandelier Inside Glass Bulb Makes for One Unusual Pendant Lamp.

King Edison Pendant Lamp

I wanted to update you on the very cool King Edison Lamp I introduced you to in June of 2013. At that time the whimsical pendant lamp had just been introduced and now it’s available in four different options.

grey with bee

Designed by Young & Battaglia of Mineheart, the suspended lamp has a functioning tiny LED brass chandelier encased within a clear glass bulb, combining old world elegance with modern design.

two grey in situ IIHIH

king edison lamps grey in situ

Initially only available with a grey cap and cable, the King Edison Pendant Lamp is now available in Black, White and Gold in a addition to the original grey. A two meter braided silken cable of matching color is attached to the lamp.

black IIHIH
white IIHIH
gold IIHIH
grey IIHIH

A cluster of these lights offers more illumination and looks terrific.

image courtesy of inhabitat

cluster of king edison lamps IIHIH

3 grey king edison lamps IIHIH

UPDATE: Since we first published this post, Mineheart has added some great variations of their King Edison bulb and new fixtures such as the ones shown below.

new king edison light fixtures

For use with a 5 volt power supply, (transformer included).
Current lead time: 4-6 weeks
Supplied with a 2 meter cable and ceiling rose (longer cable available on request)

• 0.72 Watts
• LED Estimated Life Span 40,000 Hours
• Light Type: Decorative/ 30< Lumens
• Dimensions: 15 cm diameter x 21 cm H

Price for the grey is  $748 ( £480.00)  The black, white and gold are  $925.45 (£504.00). Prices subject to change


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