Just Grow It! Nikes Transformed Into Nature by Mr. Plant.

nike just grow it

Christophe Guinet (aka Mr. Plant) has a personal project, Just Grow It!, in which he turned Nike kicks into a series of living sculptures. Read more

Now THESE are Easter Bonnets. Incredible Floral Hats and Headresses.

floral easter bonnets

There are several amazing milliners out there.
Philip Treacy, Vivien Sheriff, Noel Stewart, Narida Fraiman, Piers Atkinson, Rachel Trevor-Morgan, Bundle Maclaren and Stephen Jones to name same of the best. Their hats, headwear, fascinators and more have graced the covers of magazines worldwide and topped the heads of the most royal to the most outrageous. Read more

Drowning In Brands. Underwater Rosae Still Life Logo Series by Alexander James.

A series of identifiable and popular brand logos comprised of red roses and photographed underwater using the subtle light distortions of the water’s own energy. From Louis Vuitton to Nike, the rose logos were captured ‘in camera’ without the use of post production, either traditional or digital.


By taking the red roses, a symbol of unrelenting love, and juxtaposing against a deep dark void, London based photographer Alexander James is making a social commentary on how we ourselves are drowning in a society dominated by a reverence towards branding and celebrity.



Louis Vuitton:

Mercedes Benz:




Yves Saint-Laurent:



images courtesy of the artist and Distil Ennui Studio

About Alexander’s work practice in his own words:
“My photographs are always presented ‘as-shot’ without post production either traditional or digital. It is this dedication to ‘in camera’ purity that establishes a predominant focal point for my practice.

The quality of the work and the purity of the process is paramount, distilling elements out with the use of deep blacks; hoping to convey rich layers of meaning in what at first appear deceptively simple images.

Distil Ennui; def… to extract the essence and beauty of life to appease world weariness.”

Alexander James is represented by Pertwee Anderson & Gold

Bring Your Zyrtec: The 8th Annual Tulips and Pansies Headdress Affair

Tulips & Pansies Headdress Affair

April showers bring May flowers. And what do May flowers bring? The Annual Tulips and Pansies Headdress Affair. Read more

Miracle-Gro Millinery: Tulips and Pansies, The Headdress Affair

tulips and pansies headdress affair

Now in its seventh year, Village Care of New York’s annual “Tulips and Pansies: The Headdress Affair” is not your average benefit fashion show – pair New York’s top florists with the city’s most creative fashion designers, and the end result? Floral headdresses akin to wearable rooftop gardens, that are so outrageous and over-the-top they could be their own float in the annual Rose Parade in Pasadena, Calif. Read more