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Ipnot Has The Art Of Embroidery All Sewn Up.

ipnot embroidery art

We’ve featured several pieces on artistic embroidery, but none like this. This Japanese artist wields her needle like a paintbrush, creating miniature pieces of art and motion graphics with thread and needle.

Ipnot Embroidery Art

Ipnot Embroidery Art

Her unusual name is a childhood nickname and Ipnot is an embroidery artist whose chosen stitch with which to work is the French Knot. With over 500 different-colored embroidery threads at her disposal, she crafts miniature products, portraits and scenes and then combines her craft with digital manipulation for fun images and videos she shares on her popular Instagram feed.

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Her work is more than just a pretty picture made in an embroidery hoop. It’s the combining of her craft with conceptual photography and video that gives her work a narrative and editorial style unlike anyone else’s.

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custom embroidery

embroidery art

Embroidered Cheesy Pizza:
embroidered pizza

pizza embroidery

Embroidered Sushi Roll:
embroidered sushi roll

Embroidered Cup of Noodles:
embroidered cup a noodles

Embroidered Corn Dog


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Embroidered Coffee and Milk:
coffee and milk embroidery1

coffee and milk embroidery art

ipnot embroidery art

Embroidered Pho:
embroidered pho

Embroidered Burger:
embroidered tiny burger

More examples:
french knot embroidery

​About the artist in her own words:
Japanese Embroidery Artist
刺繍画家 イプノット

The name ipnot comes from the nickname I have had since childhood.
I have spent my childhood surrounded by very creative and crafty people
who have inspired me.
I was drawn to embroidery because my grandmother used to do embroidery
and made it look very relaxing and enjoyable.
So I tried it and I enjoyed it myself. Since then,
I started my own projects and it does not feel like work at all. Rather,
it feels like like hobby since I am having fun.

I discovered myself that the French knot stitch can be done by wrapping thread
around the needle.
I find this type of stitching to be a lot of fun to do and it is my favorite type of stitch.
I have chosen the French knot stitch to represent my stitching style.
I choose a thread of my own preference from 500 different-colored
embroidery threads.
As in the art of stipple painting,
I use my needle like a paint brush and I stitch one knot at a time.

self portrait of the artist in embroidery
self portrait of the artist in embroidery

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