IKEA Offers Kids Quarantine Fun Forts!

IKEA Kids Quarantine Forts

IKEA’s marketing regardless of country is consistently clever, as you may recall from some of our previous IKEA posts. Such is the case with this cute little campaign to help keep restless kids occupied at home during the quarantine, constructing forts and tents using IKEA products.

IKEA Kids Quarantine Forts

IKEA Kids Quarantine Forts were created by Instinct, a Russian agency that is part of Omnicom’s BBDO Russia Group. Each of the six diagrams (familiar to anyone who’s every purchased an IKEA product) feature Ikea products that when put together make fun forts, caves, castles and other hideaways for kids. Whether it’s constructed of sofa pillows and blankets or an armchair and string lights, they look easier to put together than one of their bookshelves.

IKEA Kids Quarantine FortsBelow are the diagrams shown first in English, then in Russia accompanied by a photo found on Instagram that was tagged with hashtag #явдомикеикеа showing cute examples of those who’ve tried these at home.

Thanks to IKEA Russia and Instagram for the pics.