Ipnot Has The Art Of Embroidery All Sewn Up.

ipnot embroidery art

We’ve featured several pieces on artistic embroidery, but none like this. This Japanese artist wields her needle like a paintbrush, creating miniature pieces of art and motion graphics with thread and needle. Read more

Vintage Items Made Irreverent With Typography

Canadian artist Marie-Claude Marquis (aka MC Marquis) as adds irreverence to vintage china tableware and embroidered tapestries and they are a hoot. She finds old needlepoint and dinnerware upon which she prints intricate typography referencing explicit swear words, Québécois slang, and hilarious pop references. Read more

Couturier Guo Pei Wows With Her Alternate Universe Collection

Couturier Guo Pei unveiled her Alternate Universe Couture Collection for Fall Winter 2019/20, marking the finale of the Haute Couture shows for Paris Fashion Week. If memorable was the way they wanted to close the event, they chose the right collection. Surreal and sumptuous, simultaneously dark and light, the impressively crafted extravagance of Guo Pei’s presentation was breathtaking. Read more

Sporticulture: One-off Embroideries From Iceland’s James Merry ​

james merry sporticulture

I was reminded of James Merry when reading about Bjork’s recent Corncucopia show at The Shed in New York. He’s worked closely with the Icelandic singer for years now as co-creative director for several of her music videos and concerts as well as being the designer behind many of her unique silicone headpieces. In addition to that, he’s also a hand embroidery artist who has embellished vintage sportswear with flora and fauna. Read more

People, Pets and Pop Culture Embroidered Portraits

danielle clough pop culture embroidery

When I first introduced you to fibre artist Danielle Clough it was to share with you her embroidered tennis racquets. Now take a look at her adeptly and colorful embroidered portraits of Pop culture icons, people and pets. Read more

Textile Artist and Costume Designer Collaborate on The Anatomy Chair

The Anatomy Chair

The Anatomy Chair is a recent collaboration between textile artist Pauline Kriel and costume designer Anouk Cazin. Read more

2014 Designer Fashions Depicted In Embroidery by Jenifer Corker

Artist, jewelry designer and embroiderer Jenifer Corker depicted some of the latest fashions to walk the runway in embroidery for SHOW Studio. Read more

A Grisly Grizzly and Other Bare Bears by Deborah Simon

Artist Deborah Simon’s series of Flayed Bear Sculptures combine taxidermy, science and embroidery. Her three unusual bear sculptures have faux fur partially pulled back to reveal the anatomy underneath. Read more