IKEA Parody Product Manuals of Items That Don’t Work

ikea products that don't work

By now, most of the world has experienced IKEA. The amusement park of flat-packed furnishings from Sweden is prime material for parody and the latest, from visual artist Domenic Bahmann, is a series of hilarious manuals representing pieces that don’t work.

IKEA Parody Product Manuals

Multidisciplinary visual artist and designer Domenic Bahmann always puts a smile on my face with his visual content. Combining photography and art or seemingly unrelated objects, Bahmann creates whimsical, tongue-in-cheek visuals for several well-known publications and clients.

like ikea
Bahmann’s illustration combines the popular facebook “like” thumbs up with the IKEA logo

Born in Munich, Germany and currently living in Canberra, Australia, Bahmann creates visual content and art for ad campaigns, websites, apps and magazines. You might have seen some of his work in such well-known publications as Time, Real Simple, New Scientist, The Washington Post or The Wall Street Journal. In addition to his work for clients, Bahmann continues to challenge himself with personal projects he shares with his many followers on Instagram.

ikea coffin parodies
IKEA parodies have been done before, here are four that circulated around the web when the chain store’s founder, Ingvar Kamprad, passed away

As an art director at an ad agency in Los Angeles many moons ago, I worked on newspaper ads, billboards and television spots for IKEA (award-winning, I might not so humbly add). So when I saw Domenic’s series of satirical IKEA product manuals inspired by his own experience of assembling furniture the wrong way, I was more than amused. He created a new series of furniture that does not work and I love it.

Ikea parody manuals

IKEA parody

ikea furniture that does not work

“In 2013 I started my creative challenge called ‘Stop, Think, Make’. I had to come up with a creative everyday-related image or illustration at least once a week. Since then I try to see the world in the way I used to when I was a child. Staying playful and curious isn’t always easy in our busy modern world.”- Domenic Bahmann

artist Domenic Bahmann
artist Domenic Bahmann

Be sure to take a look at Bahmann’s other wonderful work on his website.