Make Matcha At Home With Cuzen Matcha.

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Cuzen Matcha’s Matcha Making Starter Kit allows you to make authentic, organic matcha from home.

Cuzen Matcha’s Matcha Making Starter Kit

matcha maker starter kit
picking matcha leaves

If you’re not yet familiar with Matcha (organic matcha green tea leaves grown in Japan), and its heath benefits, the popular organic drink is known for providing antioxidants, energy and focus without the spike and crash associated with drinking coffee. This is because of the way its consumed. By eating the entire leaf, you ingest the nutritions that you would otherwise throw away in a steeped tea bag. Like ordinary tea, Matcha can be drunk hot or cold, with or without milk or even poured over ice cream!

drinking warm matcha

But making good matcha at home isn’t easy- at least not until now. Cuzen Matcha is a tabletop machine weighing under 5 lbs that combines their own shade grown Matcha leaves, award-winning technology and award-winning industrial design.

cuzen matcha

The all-in-one machine makes authentic matcha for the modern world. Designed in Northern California, engineered in Japan and manufactured in China, the Cuzen Matcha has received the following awards for its design and technology: 2020 Dezeen product award, 2021 IF Design Award, 2021 Esquire Home Award, 2020 CES innovation award and the 2020 Future of Foods award from the SF Design Week.

cuzen matcha product in situ

The machine comes with two different blends of matcha leaves from shade-grown organic harvests, each with their own flavor profiles. The machine and tea leaves were designed to work together. An aluminum chamber for the tea leaves prevents oxidation and reduces single-use plastic waste. The ceramic mill grinds the matcha leaves into a fine powder just like a traditional stone mill and the magnetic whisk rotates at high speed to mimic traditional whisking.

adding matcha leaves

This enables you to simply pour the tea leaves into the hopper and sit back as it grinds organic leaves into fresh matcha powder and whisks it into water right before you drink it.

matcha makermaking matcha

The Matcha Making Starter Kit from Cuzen Matcha has everything you need to make authentic, organic matcha from home and sells for $369.00 USD.

cuzen matcha boxed

Matcha Maker
1 x Premium Matcha Leaf
2 x Signature Matcha Leaf
Whisking Cup
Quick Start manual & post card

Height: 13.4″ Width: 8.7″ Depth: 4.7″ Weight: 4.6 lb

One-year warranty
Price: $369.00 USD

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images courtesy of Cuzen Matcha and Instagram