IKEA Offers Kids Quarantine Fun Forts!

IKEA Kids Quarantine Forts

IKEA’s marketing regardless of country is consistently clever, as you may recall from some of our previous IKEA posts. Such is the case with this cute little campaign to help keep restless kids occupied at home during the quarantine, constructing forts and tents using IKEA products. Read more

IKEA Real Life Series Living Rooms: Friends, The Simpsons & Stranger Things

IKEA Real Life Series Living Rooms

IKEA Real Life Series living rooms. What fun! To promote their living room furniture and accessories IKEA has recreated the recognizable living rooms of Fox’s The Simpsons, NBC’s Friends and Netflix’s Stranger Things and populated them with actual furnishings available from their store. Read more

Swedish Landscapes: Paintings of an IKEA Experience.

Anyone who has ever shopped at an IKEA knows that it’s not merely a trip to the store, but a trip into the Twilight Zone. That’s one reason why I’m so smitten with these oil paintings by Rikki Niehaus. Her ongoing series, Swedish Landscapes, are paintings of a single subject inside Swedish retailer IKEA that capture the surreal experience. Read more

IKEA ‘Beds’ Features Airborne Mattresses, Flying Dogs and The Tempest.

IKEA beds tv commercial

The third installment of The Wonderful Everyday overarching campaign for IKEA UK by Mother London looks at the how the perfect bed can help us to start the day the right way. Read more

IKEA Portland and Ideabox Launch Their First Collaborative Prefab Home, Aktiv.

Oregon-based Ideabox has collaborated with IKEA to create a new prefab collection which debuted this month at the Portland Home & Garden Show. Read more

10 (Now 11) Good Reasons To Stop Making Ads That Look Like These

mosaic portraits in ads

It’s not uncommon to see trends in the creative executions of advertising, but here’s one that reached critical mass. The compositing of items to create human faces has been used in several different ad campaigns from reputable agencies all over the world. Read more