Fluid Fashions Designed For A Non-Binary New Pronoun World

linus leonardsson let there be light

The 2021 Autumn Winter collection from Sweden’s Linus Leonardsson might have been called “unisex” or “androgynous” decades ago but even now, under a slew of new definitions, it still pushes the boundaries. Creating sustainable glamour for all genders, the young, London based fashion brand’s “Let There Be Light” is Leonardsson’s latest collection to walk down the runway.

Linus Leonardsson Let There Be Light

linus leonardsson 2021 collection

As the world changes, social mores change. We’ve recently been taught new definitions for those who don’t identify exclusively with being male or female: non-binary and genderfluid. And we’ve learned a few new gender-neutral pronouns too. But fashion designed without distinction between the biological goes as far back as the Dawn of Man. Or Human. Think Greek and Roman Togas.

Let There Be Light fashion show

“Let There Be Light” was the opening act of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Digital in London this year. It’s emerging designer Linus Leonardsson’s fourth collection of fluid fashions and was designed with the future in mind. And not just the future of fashion, but also the earth’s future. The “Let There Be Light” collection was made with recycled, dead-stock, up-cycled or low-emission fabrics and materials from European sources.

2021 a/w collection linus leonardsson 2021gender fluid fashion emerging fashion designers

“My work centers around the combination of fun and glamour with important social issues – first and foremost the demolition of gender expectations within fashion, and a push towards a fully sustainable industry.” -Linus Leonardsson

linus leonardsson 2021 gender neutral fashion non-binary fashions linus leonardsson
The designer describes it as “a collection that looks beyond national borders and into a digital realm where everything is possible” and goes on to say that “the lines of female and male wardrobes are diffused into nonexistence, all with the help of Scandinavian maximalism and hysteric glamour.” We can’t argue with that – even if we’re not sure wtf that means.
Autumn Winter 2021 fashion linus leonardsson 2021 fashion week

“The core purpose of my collections is to create a feast and fantasy for the eyes that are relating and impacting the world we live in.” -Linus Leonardsson

Read a more detailed description of the collection and the designer’s intent at Not Just A Label.

sustainable glamour

“Let There Be Light” was showcased under the British Fashion Council’s DiscoveryLAB program with the support of TONI&GUY.

Video Credits:
Creative direction by Lineta Līduma
Videography and editing by Anna Rosova
Main editing by Will Meighan
Styling and casting direction by Marko Vrbos
Poetry by Caroline Krager “Utopian Scents”
Music by Tomasz Goliński “Utopia Spheres”
Make-up by David Gillers
Hair by TONI&GUY Artistic directors Elle Page and Sanja Mandusic using label.m
Narration by Rūta Rozenfelde
Videography assistance by Callum Su
Styling Assistance by Bruno Lachica
Modelling by calm, Josh at Zen Agency and SiuHei at Contact Agency

all information and images courtesy of Linus Leonardsson.