Blondie + Rye Raises The Bread Baking Bar.

blondie + rye artisan bread
Blondie + Rye, sourdough bread – 30% spelt with honey, at 78% hydration.

One of the most bizarre quarantine phenomena has been the bread baking taking place all over this country. Pictures of perfectly browned Boules permeate Instagram and Facebook feeds and the run on sourdough starters and hard-to-find flour have made national news.

Blondie + Rye Artisan Bread

Touted as a way to reduce stress, the hobby has become one of the most popular quarantine activities for both beginners and experts alike. People are perfecting their recipes and improving their craft with sourdough as the most popular.

Blondie + Rye sourdough
Blondie + Rye, sourdough – traditional white sourdough boule made in cast iron
Blondie + Rye, sourdough – lacey, chewy interior with hearty crust

But just as you’ve finally reached the point where you’re feeling pretty damn proud of your latest loaf, someone like Hannah P. of Blondie + Rye comes along whose incredible sourdough recipes are as impressive as her artistically manipulated dough.

blondie + rye, sourdough loaf inspired by Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures album cover
blondie + rye, sourdough loaf inspired by Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures album cover

Sour, sweet or savory, she often applies pieces of shaped dough in layers for the textured decorative crust.

artisan sourdough bread
Blondie + Rye, sourdough – 50% spelt with olive oil and honey, filled with whipped cream cheese, sharp cheddar, and roasted garlic
artisan sourdough
Blondie + Rye, sourdough – 20% spelt with a drizzle of honey. Roughly 76% hydration.
artisan bread
Blondie + Rye, sourdough – Spelt and rye with apricots, walnuts, rosemary, sage, and black pepper.
sourdough recipe
Blondie + Rye, sourdough – 20% rye with rosemary, cream cheese, and black pepper, at roughly 78% hydration.

She shares photos of her bread before and after baking, so you can get an idea as to how she creates the patterns within or atop the loaves. Her recipes for the artisan breads accompany each of her posts.

More examples of her sourdough bread to make your mouth water:

blondie and rye sourdough
Blondie + Rye, sourdough -74% hydration, 30% spelt, 10% cornmeal, drizzle of honey
artisan dessert bread
Blondie + Rye, sourdough – 30% spelt with extra-crunchy peanut butter, honey, toasted pecans, pistachios, and walnuts, filled during shaping with hazelnut cocoa spread.
sourdough recipes
Blondie + Rye, sourdough – 20% rye, hydrated entirely with blended roasted red peppers, with smoked paprika and filled with mild cheddar cheese
Blondie + Rye breads
Blondie + Rye, sourdough – 10% sprouted whole wheat with butter and honey. A lower-hydration bread with a thin, crisp, slightly buttery crust and very soft sandwich-style interior
Blondie + Rye, sourdough – 20% einkhorn, 20% rye with olive oil and honey, filled with a mixture of scallions, ricotta, mozzarella, Parmesan, and garlic

She doesn’t have a website, she doesn’t sell them, she doesn’t even disclose her last name. But scroll through her Instagram and you’re sure to get inspired, if not hungry.

blondie and rye artisanal breads

All images and information courtesy of Blondie + Rye