Helga Stentzel Clothesline Animals (and they’re available as Art Prints!)

helga stenntzel clothesline animals

Helga Stentzel’s Clothesline Animals combine cleverness with visual appeal to result in charming images she sells as fine art prints in various sizes.

Helga Stentzel Clothesline Animals

Camella by Helga Stentzel
Camella by Helga Stentzel

An artist/photographer whose genre she calls “household surrealism”, the Siberian-born Stentzel has collaborated with many respectable and well-known brands including Amazon and Honda. Although she works in various media and has a large repertoire, her clothesline animals appealed to us instantly. By hanging socks, undies and more on a simple clothesline she assembles and folds them artfully to resemble animals. Some are shot in real locations while others are digitally placed in environments in charming compositions with appealing color palettes.

helga stentzel elephant
Elephant (from a collab with Panagia)
animal clothesline art
Zelda by Henga Stentzel, 2022
cow made of textiles on clothesline
Smooothie by Helga Stentzel
clothesline animals
Pegasus by Helga Stenzel
sheep clothesline animals
Baa Baa Ra by Helga Stenzel
Inky by Helga Stentzel, 2022
Inky by Helga Stentzel, 2022
Helga Stentzel, Laundrosaurus, 2022
Helga Stentzel, Laundrosaurus, 2022
Hang On by Helga Stentzel, 2022
Hang On by Helga Stentzel, 2022
Camel from collab with Panagaia

Her images posted on Instagram caught the eye of many, one of which was Hogar Verde, a bio-friendly laundry products brand in Ecuador. For them she she first created the adorable apparel illusions for a print ad campaign which also drew attention to the scarcity of the endangered animals shown within.

endangered pink dolphin made of clothes on clothesline
Her endangered pink dolphin
endangered Blue-footed Booby made of clothes
Her endangered Blue-footed Booby
endangered Spectacled Bear made of clothes
Her endangered Spectacled Bear

As seen in the print ads for which they were created:

Helga's print ads for Hogar Verde bio-friendly laundry detergent.
Helga’s print ads for Hogar Verde bio-friendly laundry detergent.

Learn more about the endangered species in the print ads for from Ecuadorian brand Hogar Verde here

dove on clothesline
Peace (for Ukraine) by Helga Stentzel

To me, household surrealism is about finding magic in the mundane, seeing beauty in imperfections, and connecting to our reality in a new way. I love noticing playful similarities – be it a sweater on a clothing line looking like a horse or a slice of bread resembling a dog’s head. It’s only the starting point though. From this moment onward the stories and visuals start buzzing in my head: What will this horse look like? What’s her name and character? Does she like racing with other horses? – the list goes on and on!- Helga

artist Helga Stentzel
artist Helga Stentzel

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You can purchase her high quality art prints in her online store here.