You Can Stand Inside The Christmas Tree at Claridge’s This Year!

Claridge's Diamond Christmas Tree 2022

For several years we covered the annual designer Christmas Tree for Claridge’s Hotel in the UK. After Karl Lagerfeld’s fabulous upside-down one, we stopped. The next few years’ trees didn’t really impress us. That is, not until this year’s.

Claridge’s Diamond Christmas Tree

claridge's hotel

Named ‘The Diamond’, Claridge’s Christmas Tree for 2022 is designed by a long-time friend of the hotel, Sandra Choi, for Jimmy Choo in partnership with set designer Simon Costin.

claridge's 2022 diamond tree

The transparent tree is crafted from reflective mirrors and accented with light which pulses and undulates. The diamond has long been a special icon in the world of Jimmy Choo with Sandra often dreaming of what it would be like to step inside one – therefore the tree is created for guests to actually enter and stand inside to take in the magical and shining, diamond-refracted space.

in the diamond christmas tree at claridge's

“I have always said I would love to know what it is like to step inside a diamond, and now I can! To be able to collaborate with Simon Costin on this incredible project has been an honour. The jewel has been a repeated metaphor I have used to describe Jimmy Choo, not just because they are used in our designs, but for the multifaceted nature of the collections we create as well as the reflection and light we want to bring. The power to transform and shine bright.” said Sandra Choi, Creative Director.

Sandra Choi and her sketch for the Diamond Christmas Tree
Sandra Choi and her sketch for the Diamond Christmas Tree

“Claridge’s is a London icon. The perfect blend of glamour and decadence – great things happen at Claridge’s. There’s a magic energy as you enter the doors that’s contagious, from the warmth of the staff to the discrete buzz of guests in the lobby. And at night the hotel invites you to party. Claridge’s is a London jewel, it’s multifaceted, like the diamond that inspired our tree, like Jimmy Choo.”

sandra choi diamond christmas tree claridge's 2022

Claridge’s General Manager Paul Jackson said “I am delighted to welcome Sandra Choi to bring Jimmy Choo’s distinct glamour to the hotel. Christmas is always a truly magical time of year for us here at Claridge’s and this year, we look forward to seeing guests and visitors step inside Jimmy Choo’s sparkling world.”

choo diamond christmas tree claridge's 2022

The tree is finished with a giant, glittering bow topper – a nod to one of the key design themes of the brand’s winter collection.

Thanks to Claridge’s and Fashion United for the images

claridges exterior 2022
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