Handmade Crochet Swings by IOTA

handmade crochet swings by iota

While most of us still associate the technique of crochet and macrame with toilet paper covers made at summer camp or Afghans made by grandma, this all female run brand has managed to make crocheted interior decorations and accessories into chic and sophisticated looking products, our favorite of which are their handmade Crochet Swings. Not only for how they look, but also because of the company behind them and how they are made.

Handmade Crochet Swings by Iota

indoor swing

Founded in 2014 by Tal Zur and company CEO Shula Mozes, Iota aims to preserve the traditional handcraft of crochet while revising its shapes and proportions to create a new aesthetic and uniquely designed pieces. With as much style as their passion for social change*, they connect the art of crochet knitting with the desire to create job opportunities for disadvantaged people and unemployed women.

iota artisan at work
Iota artisans work from their homes

The company has a rare conscience and a vision which, in their own words “is to establish a movement that allows different people from around the world to learn a technique of traditional hand-craftsmanship, by providing them employment and allowing them to earn an honest living. This idea contains a social responsibility and a way to maintain traditional arts by extenuating the importance of knowledge and skills. It also portrays the belief that regardless of the infinite possibilities that technology offers, people still seek for a personal and unique hand print.” Learn more here about their social mission here

iota soft project crocheted swings

Using luxuriously bespoke yarns and materials, the artisans at Iota employ the generations-old low tech knitting technique combined with the Iota design team’s eye for color, shape and sophistication to create beautiful handmade products (their rugs, made by machine, are the exception). In addition to attractive cushions, poufs, pillows, throws and bags, Iota has a range of swings.

iota project
Some of Iota’s crocheted products

Yep, I’m talking about the kind of swings you played upon as a child. Designed for indoors and out, the luxury swings are entirely handmade. One style is suspended by hand knit crochet embellished ropes. Equally as supportive, only far prettier.  The other has a hammock-like seat made of impeccably crafted crochet.  An Iota swing is much more than a plaything for the backyard or an accessory in your kid’s room. It’s a piece of furniture. And one that is impossible to ignore.

swings made in israel

The Iota swings are available in different and distinct styles making them suitable for all types of interior decor and architecture. Today we are sharing with you our two favorite styles.

ARM SWINGS (Indoor and Outdoor)
iota swing in a tree

iota 2 arm swings crochet color

The 2 and 4 arm swings from Iota are the wildest of the swings. The indoor arm swings are designed for spacious rooms, hotel lobbies or suites, they are whimsical and bold. The elements forming the swing are hand knit from bespoke yarn designed and produced exclusively by IOTA from the best quality cotton and polyester. Seats for the indoor swings come in metal-painted black. Models shown below are Classic Black and Royal Blue.

bohemian swing

indoor swing

fancy swings

indoor modern swing

Indoor Arm Swings
Seat Dimensions: 36 x 70 cm / 14 x 27.5 in
Materials: hand-knit cotton & polyester, metal
2 Arm: $1,369.04
4 Arm: $1,974.58

The 2 and 4 arm swings designed for the outdoors (but can be used indoors) are predominantly more neutral in color and are composed of nearly 100 handcrafted elements. Made with a signature UV protected yarn, designed, and produced exclusively by IOTA. The seats of the swings are made of teak wood to withstand the elements. These swings are perfect hanging out on your porch, gazebo, or pergola. Models shown below are Sand, Dune, Desert, Cacao and Spring Blossom.

Sand swing

handmade crochet outdoor swing

the dune swing in situ

iota 2 arm swings crochet neutral

sand outdoor swings

outdoor swing wood and crochet

4 Arm Spring Blossom Swing
2 spring blossom swing and detail

4 Arm Spring Blossom Swing detail

Outdoor Arm Swings
Seat Dimensions: 30 x 70 cm / 12 x 27.5 in
Materials: hand-knit outdoor UV protected acrylic, burmese teak wood, metal
2 Arm: $1,316.39
4 Arm: $1,895.60

‘iota’ stands for “bit” in Latin and as it is, little by little, from an element to the final product, from the individual to the global, we aspire to impact the lives of our clients, our employees and our community.

iota saddle swing

Lightweight and compact, these swings take their cue from the hammock design. Great for enjoying inside or out, they can easily be taken with you on a camping trip.

crochet swing

The swings are handmade from a signature yarn designed and produced exclusively by IOTA with UV protection in three really beautiful colors: Fog, Ocean and Ginger.

handknit saddle swings

ocean saddle swing

Saddle Swings available in Fog, Ginger or Ocean.
Seat Dimensions: 30 x 60 cm / 12 x 24 in
Materials: hand-knit outdoor UV protected acrylic, polyester, burmese teak wood, metal
Price: $658.19

*In addition to being a contemporary design studio IOTA soft living is a social project that employs, teaches and empowers women who are otherwise unable to work by teaching them the crochet technique and providing them work which they can carry out from their homes. More specifically, it offers women who fled from Syria to Turkey and women from the Israeli-Bedouin community to deploy their crafting know-how for the creation of luxury furniture and decorations for indoors and outdoors. Using traditional techniques, the women follow designs imagined by the Israeli team, to create beautiful rugs, swings, stools, foot rests, cushions, quilts, and much more. A unique universe of colors and materials. Learn more here

The company’s philosophy is that design can make social change and Iota has previously collaborated with well-known brands and partners who share this same design ethos.

iota project logo

Iota Project

You can find and purchase the handmade crochet swings by Iota at their website or at 1st Dibs.

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