Svvving, A Handmade Luxury Indoor Swing For Grown-Ups In 19 Beautiful Models.

Svvving Luxury Indoor Swings

Svvving makes Luxury Indoor Swings for Adults. Furniture and interior designers, Marie Najdovski and Radek Podsiadlo have taken a beloved childhood pastime and turned into a decorative and functional piece of modern furniture for the home.

Luxury Indoor Swings for Adults

Luxury Indoor Swings for Adultsindoor swings
handmade swings

Handmade with fine woods and luxurious textiles, Svvving is the upscale adult version of a swing. Made primarily for indoors, the 19 different models all make beautiful and fun seating for a loft, home, apartment or covered outdoor areas.

Easy Rider and Jupiter:
Svvving Easy Rider and Jupiter
Robin Hood and Kalinka:
Robin Hood and Kalinka swings
Dolce Farniente and Angel:
Dolce Farniente and Angel
Tao and Alaska:
Tao and Alaska luxury swings
Sumatra and Mars:
Sumatra and Mars
Faust and Fidji:
indoor swings
La Boheme and Dolce Vita:
La Boheme and Dolce vita
Lindy and Polka:
Lindy and Polka
Borneo and Mazurka:
Borneo and Mazurka
and Java:

The Details
Wooden seats made of satin varnished walnut wood, color varnishes or polished lacquer are paired with beautiful cushioned textiles including tufted leather, striped wools, tufted cottons, suede and leather vachette.

The hanging cords come in black, white, grey or red and the hardware is available in polished or matte finished aluminum with different colored suede handles for comfortable griping.

The swings are made for adults and can safely hold up to 120 kg (264 lbs) and measure 80 cm x 33 cm (about 31 x 13 inches).

The swings Svvving are designed for ceiling heights ranging from 3m to 5m. Two sizes of rope are proposed: 2,50 m or optional 4,50 m. Svvving is delivered in an aesthetic cardboard box of 10 kg.

The box contains the swing in a cotton cover, the rope 2,50 m or a rope 4,50 m, installation instruction, 2 sturdy hooks with suitable anchors for installation in a reinforced concrete ceiling, and 1 inbus key allowing the adjustment of aluminium handles and other metal parts.

Svvving Luxury Swings
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