Handmade Crochet Swings by IOTA

handmade crochet swings by iota

While most of us still associate the technique of crochet and macrame with toilet paper covers made at summer camp or Afghans made by grandma, this all female run brand has managed to make crocheted interior decorations and accessories into chic and sophisticated looking products, our favorite of which are their handmade Crochet Swings. Not only for how they look, but also because of the company behind them and how they are made. Read more

Svvving, A Handmade Luxury Indoor Swing For Grown-Ups In 19 Beautiful Models.

Svvving Luxury Indoor Swings

Svvving makes Luxury Indoor Swings for Adults. Furniture and interior designers, Marie Najdovski and Radek Podsiadlo have taken a beloved childhood pastime and turned into a decorative and functional piece of modern furniture for the home. Read more