Gucci Pickles? Tiffany Yogurt? A Commentary On Consumer Culture from Peddy Mergui.

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Wheat is Wheat is Wheat by Peddy Mergui is an exhibition that explores the dynamic and often blurred ethical boundaries of design within consumer culture. iMilk by Apple. Wheat Flour by Prada. Coffee by Cartier, Yogurt from Tiffany & Co., Baby Formula by Chanel …. you get the idea.

Wheat is Wheat is Wheat

But it’s not a new idea. I’ve posted about many mundane products upon which luxury brand logos have been added: Luxury branded Spray Paint Cans, Luxury Branded Lollipops, Prestigious Pills, Luxury Branded Chewing Gum, Designer Dough and even more.

Personally, I find the project a more interesting commentary on package design than consumerism, but you can decide for yourself.

Baby formula by Chanel 3 IIHIH


The following copy is from the museum’s press release:
Presently showing at San Francisco’s Museum of Craft & Design through June 15, the exhibition explores design and ethics. What is the designer’s role in a field designated to give shape to an idea, and recruited to serve economic interests without necessarily leaving room for moral consideration?

The phenomenon of “prestige” and “luxury” as a consumer validation is a reoccurring theme with the artist. What does the consumer actually purchase when he or she pays top dollar for a “BRAND” of wheat/flour, or table salt?

S&P by hermes IIHIH

By infusing the packaging of our most basic commodities with values of prestige and luxury, Wheat is Wheat is Wheat explores the dynamic and often blurred ethical boundaries of design within consumer culture. This exhibition is meant to highlight the challenges a designer faces when tasked with promoting economic interests while remaining true to his or her own moral compass.

Gucci Pickles:
pickles by gucci 1 IIHIH
pickles by gucci 2 IIHIH

Apple iMilk:
Apple iMilk1 IIHIH
Apple iMilk2 IIHIH

Versace Eggs:
Versace eggs1 IIHIH
Versace eggs2 IIHIH

Prada Whole Wheat:
Prada whole wheat flour IIHIH
Prada whole wheat flour1 IIHIH

Louis Vuitton Salami:
LV salami1 IIHIH
LV salami2 IIHIH

Chanel Baby Formula:
Baby formula by Chanel 1 IIHIH
Baby formula by Chanel 2 IIHIH

Bulgari Butter:
Bulgari soft butter 3 IIHIH
Bulgari soft butter 1 IIHIH

Burberry Instant Ramen:
Corn-Flavored Ramen Noodles by Burberry1 IIHIH
Corn-Flavored Ramen Noodles by Burberry2 IIHIH

Nike Fruit:
fruit by nike1 IIHIH
fruit by nike3 IIHIH

Tiffany & Co. Yogurt:
Tiffany & Co yogurt 1 IIHIH
Tiffany & Co yogurt 2 IIHIH

Benetton Olive Oil:
Benetton Olive oil2 IIHIH
Benetton Olive oil IIHIH

Cartier Coffee:
Cartier coffee1 IIHIH
Cartier coffee2 IIHIH

Ferrari Pasta:
Ferrari pasta 1 IIHIH
Ferrari pasta 2 IIHIH

The various exhibits combine shapes and images from the world of consumption with concepts from the field of consumer ethics. They serve to highlight both the contentious, potentially arbitrary connection that products have to packaging, and the ethically challenging conditions in which designers are asked to operate. Using humorous, yet provocative undertones, Wheat is Wheat is Wheat will leave you with more questions than answers – particularly on your next trip to the supermarket.

“By observing Peddy Mergui’s new and improved “luxury” products we may see how brand alignment is perceived by many as acceptance to a status group or an affirmation of successful lifestyle. His exhibition: Wheat is Wheat is Wheat is a humorous yet provocative commentary on global consumer culture that may just have us questioning our next purchase.” – Museum of Craft and Design

The exhibits shown here were created as works of art and are the result of the freedom of creative artistic expression. This exhibition should not be seen as a criticism of any specific label. These works of art were published without any intention to harm the brands’ reputations or value in any way.

Exhibition sponsored by Consulate General of Israel to the Pacific Northwest in San Francisco and the Israel Center of the Jewish Community Federation. The Museum of Craft and Design’s exhibitions and programs are generously supported by the Windgate Charitable Foundation and Grants for the Arts/San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund.

Wheat is Wheat is Wheat is the creative vision of artist, designer, Peddy Mergui. Peddy’s personal experiences — from leaving Morocco as a small child and moving to Israel, to exploring the beauty of Japanese culture as a young adult – play an essential role in his design process desire to challenge the status quo. As both the owner of a brand firm, and a senior professor of design at the Holon Institute of Technology, Peddy has over 20 years of practical industry and academic experience in the world of design and branding. Known for his ability to translate graphic language and visual communication into “rule-breaking” designs and concepts, Peddy has led significant and diverse advertising campaigns as well as a wide variety of projects involving brand building, packaging and product perception.

Throughout his career, Peddy has been awarded a multitude of honors for his work including winning a national design competition in 1996 for which he received national recognition. It was this same year that Peddy established his own firm and began his journey towards becoming one of Israel’s leading brand expert for establishing successful brands . In addition to his work in Israel’s business sector, Peddy is both a lecturer, former Head of the Design Department and a Senior Staff member at the Holon Institute of Technology (H.I.T.). Lecturing on branding, packaging, and visual communication, Peddy brings to the academic arena a perspective that integrates both his work in the studio and leading methodologies, directions and design trends from around the world.

San Francisco Museum of Arts and Crafts
images courtesy of the artist

Peddy Mergui