Brandalism. Fashion Branded Spray Paint Cans.

fashion branded spray paint

Designer Antonio Brasko’s project, Brandalism, is a study on the influence of street art and graffiti in the fashion world. Through the use of brand logos and logotypes, iconic colors, and spray cans, Brandalism seeks to reintroduce the ideology of vandalism, branding and fashion from an experimental design perspective.

Fashion Branded Spray Paint Cans

Fashion labels from surf brands like Stussy to luxury brands such as Gucci are reinterpreted as spray paint cans and colors. All 22 are available for purchase as the original signed can or as a photographic print.

Brandalism Chanel IIHIH

Brandalism Chanel print IIHIH

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Branded Spray Paint Cans<

Branded Spray Paint Cans<

Branded Spray Paint Cans<

Branded Spray Paint Cans jordan

jimmy choo Branded Spray Paint Cans

luxury Branded Spray Paint Cans

Gucci Branded Spray Paint Can


chanel Branded Spray Paint Can

social commentary

Branded Spray Paint Can

brandalism nike can

satirical status symbols

Supreme Branded Spray Paint Can

luxury branded spray paint cans

Branded Spray Paint Cans

The actual signed branded spray paint cans and large (54″ X 36″) or small (24″ X 18″) photographic prints on canvas are available for purchase here

About the artist:
antonio-brasko-Brandalism IIHIH

Antonio Brasko has partnered with global brands such as Nike, Adidas, Dr. Martens, and Intel to deliver compelling brand experiences. His diverse skill set has allowed him to work on projects in apparel, user experience design, brand management, product development & photography. He currently resides in the Pacific Northwest & works from his creative studio in Portland, Oregon.

Antonio Brasko

a special shout out to JoAnn Hines of Packaging Diva for bringing this cool project to my attention.